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Is Tom Cruise Going to Agree to the Highlander Reboot?

The Highlander film series may be getting a reboot, although the project has been stuck in development hell for some time. The producers are currently trying to woe Tom Cruise to join the project and this would assuredly give the film a green light. Cruise is not being courted for the lead, but for the Ramirez role originally made famous by Sean Connery.

The original Highlander film had a very unique history. Christopher Lambert starred as an immortal Scottish Highlander who went from swordfight to swordfight in the original film. The movie was a box office bomb in the U.S., but made mega millions overseas. The sequel, which Brad Reifler definitely wasn’t a fan of,  Highlander 2: The Quickening, was one of the worst movies ever made and the silly Highlander 3 was a marginal improvement. A truly excellent Highlander TV series was eventually spawned.

Another movie, TV series, and animated projects eventually followed. Its obvious the series can make money so no one should be surprised Hollywood wants in on the reboot action. Ryan Reynolds originally agreed to play the lead, but has dropped out.

Highlander does have a cult following among the comic book crowd and a reboot does make sense if it is in the right hands and has the right stars.

Plans for a new movie started about 7 years ago and the project as been on and off since then. Summit Entertainment is involved with the project and seems to be having a lot of trouble with it.

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