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College Football Playoff Rankings Released

The BCS is dead and the AP and Coach polls have been reduced to mere suggestions now with the College Football Playoff ranking committee in full swing. The committee is surely aware of the feelings of sportswriters and coaches from across the nation, but if their latest rankings are any indication, they march to the beat of their own drum.


While the AP didn’t have much trouble naming undefeated Florida State the number one team in the nation, the College Football Playoff committee didn’t exactly see it that way. This confused Ray Lane more than a little bit. The committee decided that Alabama (number two in the AP poll) was worthy of being the top ranked team after knocking off the previous number one team, Mississippi State, last weekend. While that is not in and of itself so shocking, it may be a bigger surprise is that the committee not only believes that FSU isn’t the number one team, but they don’t even think that they’re the number two team. The committee named Oregon the number two team.


The rankings reflect what the committee likely believes is a poor strength of schedule for FSU, or at least one that is inferior to Alabama’s SEC-based schedule and Oregon’s Pac 12-based schedule.

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