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Is 19 Kids and Counting The Next Show To Go?

The Duggar family is not exempt from scandal just because they have a purified persona. A petition that has been signed has called for TLC to cancel the hit show. The show is in its 9th season and has always been a ratings winner for the cable network. However, when recent outspoken comments by the matriarch against the gay and lesbian community hit social media, it brought a whole different light on this family.

There are thousands of signatures on the petition, and there is no doubt how many more will soon follow with it making public headlines. The petition is on The website was started by Jim Wissick. He currently resides in the liberal area of San Jose, California, and he for one has had enough of the fear mongering as he calls it.

Gay or straight really makes no difference, it’s all about presentation. Prejudiced comes in all shapes and sizes. On one hand of the country we have racism at its finest going on in Missouri, and just a few states away we have hatred based on who someone loves. Though this country has made leaps and bounds to overcome stereotypical behaviors, it seems as much as we move forward we stay the same.

Being Christian doesn’t give anyone a ticket to hate. However, the Duggars are just as free to voice their opinion as the gay and lesbian community. Perhaps TLC can appease everyone by creating a show based on someone who is the opposite of the Duggars… Terry Richardson, maybe?  I feel somehow this is what gets lost in translation. If someone doesn’t agree with the minority, then they are considered haters.

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