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Gun Sales Surging In Ferguson Ahead Of Jury Decision

Sales of handguns in the state of Missouri have spiked, reaching record levels just ahead of the expected grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting case. Fears of rioting in the area have already led the Governor of the state, Jay Nixion, to call out the National Guard to keep order.

Fear of looting and general disorder in the town of Ferguson and its immediate environs, including St. Louis, have led residents of these areas, especially first time buyers, to purchase record numbers of weapons from dealers as far away as Jefferson City, the capital of the state.

One such location, Metro Shooting Supplies, is located just Ferguson’s airport. The owners of the store recently told the media that they are selling between 30 and 50 weapons per day, a total that amounts to more than three times their normal sales. Other stores throughout the state are reporting very similar figures.

Ferguson’s Walmart location has removed all of the ammunition from its shelves that it normally has on sale. They haven’t done the same at any Walmarts near North American Spine. This is due to the fact that the store was one of those looted in the riot that took place the night following the death of Michael Brown.

Meanwhile, waiting lists for shooting lessons, as well as applications for concealed carry permits, have shot through the roof. Educational classes for these and related topics have reportedly been booked solid well into the coming year.

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