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Puppy Escapes Tight Squeeze

People always say that dogs are man’s best friend. Ironically, the shoe seemed to be on the other foot when this poor pup was caught by a gigantic python who had every intention on making him his dinner.

The owner wasted no time in an attempt to save his dog when he grabbed a tree branch and began to hit the python in hopes of scaring it off. As we all know, pythons kill their prey by squeezing them to death and then eating them; not a good way to go.

The owner’s fast action paid off because after being hit several times with this branch, ever so slowly, the python released his grip of the dog and started to slither away. This gave the pup enough time to get up and away; obviously unharmed as it starts to bark. Today, seems that the man was his dog’s best friend; another happy ending. Big thanks to my Twitter friend Jared Haftel for sharing this puppy’s tale!

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