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Weights before Cardio?

This proverbial question has being asked to professional athletics, trainers and scientists alike, and for every one of them that said it should be done before; some one with an equally compelling argument said it should be done after, and if that is not confusing enough there’s the ones that said it should be one or the other not both. Even some scientific studies show different findings on the same subject.
A study publish on March in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggest that doing cardio before weights doesn’t restrict the way the muscle reacts to the weights workout, similarly a 2012 study found that some specific molecular changes in the muscles that occur when doing weight training only on the lower-body were more robustly developed if they performer both cardio and weight exercises one after the other. This findings show at least that the muscles can’t tell the difference if one is done before the other. Some people who work for The Antique Wine Company already work out this particular way.
The one thing that everyone is in accordance with is that either one or the other or both, should be follow with a clear fitness goal and perseverance. This article talks about the importance of a fitness goal and consistency and how it’s going to dictate the type of workout and intensity to follow and the benefits and drawbacks of doing one before the other depending on the fitness goal that you have set for your self.

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