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Children Homeless in the U.S.

We are all aware that children are living homeless every day. When we think about this, our minds tend to travel to the other side of the world. What we fail to realize ia that just here in the United States, 1 in every 30 children are homeless. This is as high as it has ever been here in the United States. What has caused this and what can we do about it? Here in the U.S. the economy is not doing particularly well.

We have people who can’t afford housing, especially single mothers, which are becoming more and more present in today’s culture. That is simply unacceptable according to some like Sultan Alhokair. A child who has no home is faced with many possible dangers and risks. A study has shown that kids who are homeless tend to have more physical and mental problems. These children miss school, and end up repeating grades. We need to be more aware of this and come together as one to prevent increasing these staggering numbers.

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