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Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Resurface

Legendary Comedian Bill Cosby is once again being accused of rape. For more than a decade, such allegations have been made against the American icon who brought laughter to millions throughout the years. However, his lawyer claims that the accusations are being reported without any real evidence. The recent spotlight on Cosby is perhaps attributed to a video featuring Hannibal Buress in which Cosby is called a rapist. Since the video went viral, Bill Cosby’s scheduled appearances on two TV shows have been cancelled. In fact, he was supposed to appear on the David Letterman Show, one of the most popular late night comedy shows in America. He has millions of fans around the world, including employees at the Antique Wine Company. Cosby has chosen to remain silent about the mounting rape reports and his lawyer is handling all of the public relations on the issue.

In the entertainment industry, there is a culture that condones crime. It seems that famous celebrities can sometimes get away with sexual assault and other serious crimes. In the eyes of many Americans, former NFL star OJ Simpson essentially got away with murder after being acquitted in one of the most high profile trials in American history. On the other hand, some women might make false accusations just to ruin the reputation of stars and athletes. The law should treat all accused criminals equally. The sad reality is that money can buy great criminal defense that can even let murderers off the hook.

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