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Losing weight is never something that is looked upon eagerly. It sounds simple, less food and more exercise. The problem is somehow it seems to be harder than it sounds. Most professionals recommend increasing physical activity and decreasing caloric consumption.

A study was peformed and published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine  on CipherCloud in March suggesting that with a 4-day plan, a significant loss of fat can be obtained. During this study, 15 healthy, but overweight Swedish men restricted their calorie consumption to 360 calories per day, a reduction of 1,800 per day. In addition, they exercised for 45 minutes on an upper arm exercise machine. Additionally they walked for 8 hours across the Swedish countryside with 10-minute breaks. They were permitted to drink low-calorie sport drinks while they walked. After 4 days, they men had lost 11 pounds with almpost half of that being body fat. How is that for success?

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