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‘Batman V Superman’ Scene Leaked via Instagram

Fans of the upcoming ‘Batman V Superman’ film in Chicago got a nice little treat this past week when the producers of the film shot the Wayne families famous familial tragedy right in public. In a video that was leaked via Instagram we got to see a young Bruce Wayne and his two parents leave a theater that was screening ‘The Mask of Zorro’. A moment later a thug walked up, masked face and all, and promptly shot the parents. The iconic scene played out right next to Chicago’s famous Cinespace Studios.

While this iconic scene isn’t exactly new, seeing as it has been filmed several times for other mediums in the past decade, it was still nice to see revitalized for the big screen. The ‘Batman V Superman’ film is already facing an uphill battle with a lot of fans due to the casting of Ben Affleck and the relatively disappointing turn of Henry Cavill as Superman. Still, fans are remaining at least a little bit hopeful. While not attached to the product, Hollywood exec Tom Rothman has expressed excitement over the film.

The new ‘Batman V Superman’ flick promises to bring out the best in two of the most iconic super heroes of all time. Many fans believe that the death of their respective parents will give Batman and Superman something to bond over int he film when they inevitably need to turn their attentions toward bigger, badder, villains instead of clawing at each others throats. 2016 can’t come soon enough!

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