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Bill Cosby Trying To Revive His Carreer But Will Americans Tune In?

Bill Cosby is again making news this week, but it’s not for a hit sitcom as in times past. The opinionated senior has much to say, but he won’t get his chance in daytime, not yet anyway. He was recently invited to attend “The Queen Latifah Show”, but the show was rumored to have rescinded their invitation from what a slow ventures report suggested. Though Cosby’s rep said that he is the one who changed his mind, there still is a controversy.

He has been trying to revive his career and is touring the country with his comedy show. He is also in the process of filming a new show for NBC that is supposed to premier this fall. However, has too much been done that the funny man won’t be received? For some it really has to do with his holier than thou attitude and the fact that he was accused of raping 13 women, whom he all settled with some say.

The stories that make this beloved man guilty of rape, drugging women and being manipulative just don’t sit well with the public. Perhaps if it had been one or two women the public would have pushed it under the rug, but when 13 come forward, many take notice. Still Cosby is funny and has a good following, but many feel it is too little to late for this opinionated man. His once sparkling reputation has been marred by allegations that portray someone with a dark and perverted side.

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