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Stevie Wonder Kicks off ‘Sounds in The Key Of Life’ Tour In NYC

Musical genius Stevie kicked off his new ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ Tour with a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden that was so emotional it had him and many in the audience on the verge of tears. The show, which was the first of a 12-date tour which celebrates Stevie’s classic 1976 LP, featured a small army of musicians and lasted almost three hours, and Rothman was glad to be there. It was an incredible performance that was part Broadway, part rock concert, yet still felt like a truly intimate gathering.

It’s a show people will remember forever. The music was so moving Stevie stopped in the middle of ‘Village Ghetto Land’, laughed, and said he was so excited he forgot his words. That poignant moment made the evening even more special. It made the tightly organized and heavily rehearsed show feel unscripted and raw and Stevie vulnerable and infinitely more loveable. called the moment surprising, funny and endearing. Congas, timbales, dual guitars, pop, funk, and jazz influenced grooves, girl-group harmonies, hard and electro-rock, and soaring, soulful, vocals had the sold-out crowd of over 20,000 screaming, swaying, and singing all night long.

When the show was over Stevie screamed ‘Yes! We did it!’ And indeed he had. His warmth, humanity, and talent had drawn the entire audience in and taken them on a joyous musical adventure through time using ‘Songs in the Key of Life’.

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