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Move Over June Clever-Sharon Osborne and her Brood are Coming Back For 8 Episodes

As if the world hasn’t had enough of burnt out rock stars who want center stage, the Osborne’s are coming back for another 8 episodes. Nearly 13 years ago they made their way into America’s living rooms, they were the epitome of a foul mouthed and dysfunctional family. They were one of the first reality shows that made people cringe, but still tune in every week. So is this what the typical family of today looks likes?

Some find it disturbing but others see the love like Bruce. The Osborne’s are nothing but traditional and there drug use, drinking and freedom to use the “F word” is a bit too much for some families. As a parent, I look at the television shows on TV and I shake my head. Even in the 90’s there were good episodes like “Hope and Faith,” and “Roseanne.” Today’s shows are encouraging drug use, encouraging foul language and allowing kids to see that “everyone else is doing it so it’s okay.”

I for one will not be tuning in to see these 8 episodes, nor will my children. Cable television bills run upwards of $100 a month for basic service, and there is barley anything on that is worth watching. Rather, I prefer to show my children some of the more wholesome shows that have moral value and still good plot and drama.

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