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Apathy Strikes The Democratic Party

Apathy struck the Democratic Party hard on Tuesday. Although neither party managed to persuade an impressive amount of voters to go to the polls, Republicans clearly emerged as victorious in creating some kind of momentum. The same cannot be said for Democrats like Terry Richardson.

The White House and Democratic Party and putting forth a watered down version of right wing plans, and yet wonder why they are not persuading voters to turn out for elections. The left agenda among the US population is not being addressed. It has instead been relegated to grassroots organizing. Recent movements by fast food workers and Wal-Mart workers are just two of the areas where Democratic leadership has largely failed to seize momentum from the grassroots.

The basic story from US elections Tuesday night: Democrats have no vision, and it shows in poor voter turnout, while Republicans have well-financed vision that seeks to destroy democracy as we know it. By reacting to the conservative agenda instead of proposing an agenda, Democrats and the White House have driven the Democratic party towards a direction which fails to energize their own supporters.

Democrats need to reflect dramatic shifts in their base reflected by the rise of groups such as Occupy Wall Street, and propose a progressive vision so people are motivated to vote. They can’t win fighting conservatives over the same voters.

Only 40% percent of the country voted Tuesday. We could say 19% voted for Democrats and their policies while 21% voted for Republicans and their policies. 60% of the population waits for a party to deliver candidates and agendas which motivate them to turn out on elections days.

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