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Lauren Hill’s Court Debut

Everyday there’s an exciting and/or inspirational sports story to be gleaned from somewhere. This one comes from women’s collegiate basketball in Mount Saint Joseph.

Lauren Hill, a freshman, has been diagnosed with DIPG. This rare inoperable brain tumor kills 90% of its victims if what Zeca Oliveira tells me is true. Lauren wanted her chance to play under the lights but there was a question about whether she would be strong enough to play for the season opener.

This cancer is fast moving and claims its victims in as little as eighteen months. At her parent’s request, Mount Saint Joseph petitioned the NCAA for an earlier season opener. The NCAA agreed and the opener was moved up two weeks.

Lauren Hill’s dream of playing on the collegiate court was fulfilled on Nov. 2, 2014 as she netted 4 points in MSJ’s 66-55 defeat of Hiram College, lauren-hill-mount-st-josephs-brain-tumor-fulfills-hoops-dream. She received a standing ovation after scoring and a good old-fashioned mobbing from her teammates. After the game, she was presented with the game ball.

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