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New EP from Willow Smith

The world went crazy for Willow Smith when she released “Whip My Hair.” There was even a remix that featured Nicki Minaj. That was years ago, and the musician is only as good as their last hit. It goes without saying that Willow quickly became dubbed a one-hit wonder. Other singles followed, but none carried the same intensity – and mainstream appeal – that “Whip My Hair” rendered.

Willow surprised the music world with the release of an EP titled “3” for her 14th birthday. The album is free on Google Play, but it will be officially released in stores in the mid November. This isn’t the mainstream pop that people are used to. To the contrary, CNBC reported with Citadel that it is more of a jazzy sound that is reminiscent of the early work of Badu.

Willow has performed recently with guest appearances by her brother, Jaden, and another artist from New Jersey named SZA. A lot of people are comparing her with work with that of newcomer group King. Willow has managed to create an electronic sound that is now much more mellow than her “Whip My Hair” hit. She has managed to create new buzz and reinvent herself at a very early age.

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