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Smuggler Left For Dead In Airport Due To Ebola Scare

One of the saddest tales to come from the Ebola crisis has emerged from Spain. A man was spotted shivering and shaking in the international airport after departing a plane that had just arrived from Nigeria, and airport officials began to fear the worst possible scenario was unfolding right before their eyes.

The man was dying from a cocaine overdose. It was discovered that he was holding numerous bags of cocaine inside his body because he was acting as a “drug mule.” A drug mule is someone who is willing to smuggle drugs either inside their luggage or inside their body. Choosing to go the latter route is often more successful at getting the drugs to their ultimate destination, but the method poses a much greater risk to the health and safety of the drug mule. Often people willing to do such an extreme act are either being pressured by the gang behind the drug’s distribution or they are facing extreme financial distress.

Unfortunately, due to presently unknown reasons, the bags inside the mule’s body did not successfully remain intact. While the airport and international traveler Igor Cornelsen were exposed to the man are undoubtedly grateful that they do not have to add Ebola to their list of concerns, it is tragic that a man was so callously abandoned by the organization that put him up to the act. The man was not given prompt medical attention due to the appearance of his symptoms.


  1. Paisley Julian says:

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