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Is the Hoverboard Finally A Reality?

Anyone who ever watched Marty McFly jump on a floating skateboard and outrun some futuristic bullies with their pockets inside out dreamed about owning one of those hoverboards. Over the years, we’ve been promised and duped and tricked into thinking the future was finally here. Today, it seems the dreams of many may be close to fruition.

The Silicon Valley-based company Arx Pax will introduce the “Hendo” hoverboard through a Kickstarter campaign that begins today. And according to a video on the project page at Kickstarter, it looks like the thing actually hovers. The company’s founder, Greg Henderson, says the technology used in the “Hendo” is based off Lenz’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. While the specifics of how it works in the case of the hoverboard are still a bit blurry, it is similar to how Maglev trains function. The proprietary technology created by Henderson with Mike Livak is called magnetic field architecture and is used to layer magnetic fields in such a way that the board and the rider remain “afloat”. Henderson commented in an interview on Nerdist, “This is the first step… this is the Model T.”

Currently, the “Hendo” price is pretty steep at $10,000. And we won’t be zooming around town anytime soon. The technology requires a metal surface to function. However, the hopes and dreams of generations of people everywhere is one step closer to coming true. Maybe one day soon it will be a common thing to see kids on hoverboards with outturned pockets and self-lacing shoes.



  1. Ashley Graysen says:

    In the world of technology anything is possible and many people have dream of this coming to reality and thank God there dream has happened. Also rushessay most of the doubts we had about getting a Hoverboard has finally become real. Although it appears expensive for me probably because I have little interest in it but those that love hovering would get it at that price.

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