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Google Invests in Virtual Reality and Looks to Augment the Future

One time, not long ago, virtual reality seemed as though it belonged in science-fiction novels and movies. Now it exists in our news headlines: Google recently invested $500 million into Magic Leap, a company whose ambition is to create what they call a “cinematic reality” headset. Their goal, however, is to move beyond virtual reality and into the technology of augmented reality, where 3D images exist and interact with our own world rather than exist only in the virtual world.

Google is not the only tech company to enter the race for what will undoubtedly be a shoulder-to-shoulder battle to invent and integrate the first fully functional virtual reality headset—Facebook has acquired Oculus VR, and Sony has Project Morpheus. To put it bluntly, Bank of America analyst Jared Haftel says “the competition is gearing up”.

But how does Magic Leap’s technology differ? It appears they use digital light field technology, which will help reduce the bulkiness of the headset that is so often associated.  If successful, Google and Magic Leap could have a real advantage over the other competing companies.


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