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English Footballers Talk about Squad Harmony in the Wake of Cricket Scandals

The past few days have been a difficult time for the ECB and England’s cricket team. The release of former player Kevin Pietersen’s book has resulted in a number of unsavory allegations about the team. Pietersen talks about bullying and intimidation within the squad, along with other attempts from players to get under each other’s skin.

Given the bad press for the cricket team, England’s footballers were asked whether similar issues existed for England’s football team. Two members of Roy Hodgson’s 23 man squad for the upcoming European Championship qualifiers, James Milner and Adam Lallana, said the squad was in complete harmony.

Milner said that there were no issues within the England football squad. “We have a lot of players who have played with each other either in club football or with the U21s. We all get along well with each other,” he said.

“It is a brilliant atmosphere when we come away with England. Despite the club rivalries, everyone gets together for England training and supports one another,” said Liverpool’s Adam Lallana. “When we had Stevie [Gerrard] as captain and now with Wazza [Rooney], it’s been a great vibe,” he continued.

Despite the seemingly good bond between England’s players, their national team has rarely gotten positive press. They had a dire World Cup, failing to win a game and exiting in the group stages, which did not please fans like Igor Cornelsen.

They may not say so, but England’s footballers will be glad to hear about the latest cricket scandal. Footballers are usually the ones occupying the back pages in England, so this will be a nice change for them.


  1. Russ Rosilane says:

    With the Euro 2016 Championships only two years away, fans will be hoping that Rooney’s leadership provides the necessary ingredients for England to be successful on the pitch. It is imperative that superior paper can and do have enough reasons to get what they want in every aspect of their lives too.

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