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So It Bends. Who Cares?!

“Does it really matter if the iPhone 6 bends” is a question that many fans of the latest release from Apple are asking themselves after the phone’s recent debut. Numerous sources have confirmed that there are certain iPhone 6 phones that do bend, and curious customers are even coming to Apple Stores to see if they can get in on the phenomenon.

While this is troubling news for the company’s much anticipated phone, the fears of purchasing a bendable phone appear to be overblown. For people who are put off by the fact that the phone is bendable, one of the questions that must be answered deals with the effects of this problem. Can you imagine whether Steve Jobs would have even entertained such a ludicrous debate?

In reality, there is nothing wrong with a phone that has a little bit of give to it. If nothing else, this trait may come in handy when you drop a phone since it will have a little bit of extra give when it hits the floor. In addition, a bendable phone may also make it easier for you to position the phone to see pictures when you are standing outside underneath a glaring sun.



  1. Gabriel Scott says:

    Fans of Apple are a creative bunch, and there are probably many other creative uses that this group can think up that will make the bendable iPhone 6 a smashing cult hit. That would have made some paper writing services to have a review about this iPhone cult that has been going on for quite some time.

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