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Jessa Duggar Compares Holocaust to Abortion, Blames Evolution For Nazis

Yup, that headline about says it all in this story about Jessa Duggar. I was locked in deep discussion with Jared Haftel over this. Couldn’t believe how somebody could be so interested in visiting a museum, and so opposed to gaining knowledge.

Apparently, after a visit to the Holocaust Museum, Jessa Duggar drew parallels between abortion and what the Nazis did to a race of people. Saying that denying the Jewish people’s right to life was a lot like abortion.

But she also blamed evolution for the Nazi’s policies. Stating that the Nazi’s belief in evolution caused them to think that they were more evolved humans.

Full quote as she wrote on Instagram:

I walked through the Holocaust Museum again today, very sobering. Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights–their right to life. One human destroying the life of another deemed ‘less than human.’ Racism, stemming from the evolutionary idea that man came from something less than human; that some people groups are ‘more evolved’ and others ‘less evolved.’ A denying that our Creator–GOD–made us human from the beginning, all of ONE BLOOD and ONE RACE, descendants of Adam. The belief that some human beings are ‘not fit to live.”

But, when you’re only famous for being one of 19 children on your parent’s reality television show, what do you expect?


  1. Syndey Jose says:

    Also, why the Nazi’s political beliefs were a little bit different than what’s going on with abortion in America. I think she has some reading to do. About the concepts of evolution, and the what the Nazi party actually represented. It is a way that bestdissertation has managed to get themselves a lot for what they about.

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