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Gotham Premiered, Was Pretty Interesting

Gotham premiered this last Monday, and I’ve been thinking about the show quite a bit. A Batman show without Batman doesn’t seem like it would work on paper. Yet somehow, through some strange comic book magic, the show does totally work.

Something that’s going to grow and develop. Jim Gordon’s save the world attitude, crushed under the weight of a corrupt city, and a joyless happy to be corrupt partner should make for some epic moral conundrums down the line.

Not to mention the fact that the actor playing Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot is absolutely brilliant. You can definitely see that Robin Lord Taylor gets totally lost in the role.

This will make for interesting watching down the line. I totally recommend checking out the series on Hulu, or on demand, or whatever you have available to you, before next Monday’s new episode. Catch up now, before you’re too far behind to get started.


  1. Rajesh says:

    Becoming a total comic book villain waiting for his opportunity to usurp the throne. The relationship between Gordon and Bullock is something that I could see being a cornerstone of the show. This ofcourse would have enabled a lot to payforessay discount which is actually what everybody wants from these ones.

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