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Beverly Hills Auto Group-Getting you Into the Car of Your Dreams

First off, if you’re considering buying a BMW, a used one is a great way to go about it. It is going to be a lot less expensive (and no one will ever know) and you can get a BMW that will fit in your budget. Cars typically lose their value with each month and mile that passes by, also known as depreciation. If you buy a brand new model right off the lot, it can lose a whopping 40 percent of value or more, right off the bat. If you buy the same model, but in a used condition, you can sidestep this depreciation the second you drive off the lot. Your insurance rates will likely be lower as well, due to the little bit of age of the car.

Beverly Hills Auto Group sells the best-selling and most reliable brands and because their cars are used, you will be able to enjoy big savings. The staff at Beverly Hills Auto Group work hard to help you get into the car that you want and that will suit your needs and wants. No pushy salespeople here! They even have a convenient finance department to get you on the road.


The Business Ideas of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has made a great living for himself by creating new businesses that the general public is interested in. He has been able to do this consistently in a way that few others have been able to match. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Eric Pulier has always displayed an amazing amount of creativity. He has an endless amount of ideas for businesses that he uses for the startup companies that he launches. People often wonder how one man is able to come up with so many brilliant ideas. Eric has said many times that it is not because he is smarter than anyone else. He simply does more research than the average person.

Pulier has always maintained that research is the key to launching a successful startup. One of the main things that he researches is what the public wants and what they are currently buying in mass quantities. These buying trends are crucial for Eric to be aware of as he tries to determine what his next startup venture will be. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that launching a startup that sells a product or service that nobody cares about would be a financial mistake. Therefore, Eric carefully examines the products or services that consumers are craving. Then he chooses the ones that he believes will have the most staying power over the next several years.

Eric has said that any other person could have the same success launching startups that he has had. The only problem is that most people are in such a hurry to make the big money that they do not spend enough time properly preparing their startup. This eventually leads to problems after the launch. Eric will never launch a startup until every detail has been carefully checked to make sure their are no serious problems with the site or the merchandise. Eric believes that it is almost impossible to get customer confidence back after it has been lost. Therefore, he makes sure there are no site glitches that might make consumers shop elsewhere.

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The Leading funder: Betsy DeVos – a Philanthropist, a businesswoman and a political reformer

Betsy DeVos is not a new name in the world of American education and charity. She is a reformer, a trendsetter and has an eye for an innovative solution to social problems. Betsy has been a great leader, not only in the field of education but other areas of business and politics as well.

Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos grew up in Michigan, was the daughter of billionaire industrialists Edgar and Elza Prince. She completed her schooling from Holland Christian High School and later graduated from Catvin College of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During her vocational years, Betsy was actively involved in campus politics and has been part of politics ever since.

Betsy got married to Dick DeVos who served as a former president of Amway and Orlando Magic group. In the year 1989, Mrs. DeVos along with her husband Richard DeVos founded a company “Windquest Group.” The privately held group aims at providing its customer with the best in class products and services. Despite being attached to such an esteemed organization, DeVos still thrives on being a reformist by playing a variety of non-profit roles.

She is currently an active Chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation that is involved in wide range of charitable activities. Betsy, along with her husband has always worked to improve American education and focused on providing educational choice programs to students.

Betsy DeVos has been part of various campaigns in the last 30 years. Apart from this, Mrs. DeVos has led many party organizations as well as political action committees. In the duration of 30 years, she even served as a Chairman of Michigan Republican Party.

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Being committed to charitable services, Betsy DeVos has served in numerous headship roles in many charitable organizations. She currently leads the American Federation for Children and The Philanthropy Roundtable board of directors.

Over the years, the billionaire couple has given millions of dollars through their charitable foundation. In a recent financial report, Betsy and Dick DeVos donated more than $10 million dollars to various organizations, and this doesn’t end here. The couple has decided to donate another $3.3 million dollars in scholarships that would be paid in the upcoming year.

The philanthropic work of Betsy and Dick DeVos has been extensive over the decades. The family is ranked as the leading funder in the recent years. The money doled over the years has not only helped some of the leading organizations and think tanks, but has also parallelly supported political parties. The DeVos family support is not only limited to politics and education. The foundation even supports healthcare and arts.

To sum it up, Betsy DeVos exemplary work in the last 35 years is the reason for her appointment as the Secretary of Education in Trump’s administration.

ClassDojo Application Revolutionizes Classroom

One of the biggest challenges that parents have today is staying connected with the education of their children. While teachers are more than willing to meet with parents on a regular basis, demanding schedules often preclude this. Fortunately, through the use of a new mobile application, it will be easier than ever before for teachers and parents to connect.


The newest application, which is proving to have a major impact on the classroom experience, is ClassDojo. Teachers and parents can use the new application a number of different ways. One of the basic uses of the application is as a form of communication.  According to,  the application has a secure messaging service, which will allow for parents and teachers to discuss classroom progress and any other issues that rise. Teachers and parents can also use the public forum option to discuss open items will all other parents of the classroom. Students can also use the messaging services of the application to ask questions of the teacher and other students in the classroom.

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Teachers are also able to use the application to act as a video yearbook. Teachers are able to take pictures of students during the class day and post the photos to the applications. Parents are then able to take the pictures to create their own yearbook or print for personal use.  Visit their


While Class Dojo is popular with teachers, parents, students, and other users, it is also gaining the attention of investors. The company has gone through several rounds of capital raising and recently raised additional cash at a $21 million valuation. Investors are impressed by the capabilities of the application as well as the significant room for growth in the future. The company will use the money to develop and enhance new uses, market the product, and hire additional talent.  Click here.

Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital’s Alternative Investors Look for Investment Opportunities in Healthcare After a Successful 2016 Year in Energy



Highland Capital Management’s unit, Highland Alternative Investors is proud to announce the Small Cap Equity Fund experienced a 32 percent return in profits, in 2016. Chief Investment Officer, Michael Gregory oversees the fund with the help of James Dondero and selected the winning energy stock. While stocks in the energy sector were attractive during the beginning of last year when oil prices dropped, strategic partnerships were formed, contributing to approximately 50 percent of the total return of the fund. The healthcare sector didn’t perform well last year, but Mr. Gregory is expecting a turnaround this year. He is focusing on two companies in the pharmaceutical industry that show promising profits, in 2017.



Highland Capital has an interest in companies’ stocks of Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc. and Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc. Michael Gregory said he is looking at the healthcare industry and see promising investment opportunities for this year. He said the energy sector outperformed the healthcare sector in 2016, which the S&P 1500 Composite Index posted a weakening. Collegium is a top selection for its new medication, Xtampza ER which reduces the chances of addiction or abuse. Highland also has an interest in Pacira, a pharmaceutical company that developed a new pain relief medication.



After evaluating the market, he sees a strong possibility of enormous sales for the medication by the end of the 2017. Sales have already reached approximately $200 million for the non-opioid pain reliever drug. Mr. Gregory believes both companies will generate profits for Highland Alternative Investors. He and Mr. Dondero primarily concentrated on the master limited partnerships with sponsors, the main clients for oil producers.



Highland Alternative Investors is an affiliate of Highland Capital Management, a leading investment firm in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero serves as the president of Highland Capital and helps to manage Highland Small Cap Equity Fund with Michael Gregory. The fund’s investors are delighted about the 32 percent return on their invested capital. Gregory said they are collecting their profits and sizing down to an appropriate position.



David Osio Brilliance Leadership At Davos Financial Group

Some people may think real success is owning the best life can offer, however, coming to think about it, doing what is right by your clients, employees and shareholders is the real definition of success. David Osio, the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group is one of the leaders who know what it is to be there for their clients. Most people are scared, for lack of a better word, about real estate. Reason being, real estate is more like investing in something that you are not sure about the returns. Nonetheless, David and his partners have come to the rescue of many real estate investors.



In a recent news release, David led his company to introduce the Davos CAP Calculator. The mobile app was carefully thought about and designed to come to the rescue of many investors. It enables an investors to input data about a property, which calculates the return of investment the investor can get from the venture. Prior to this calculator, investors were required to trust their realtors and advisors. This application gives the investors some form of surety and assuredness when investing in real estate.



David has been in the industry of real estate and finance for so many years. His extensive knowledge in the subject gives him a sound when it comes to advising his clients in what to do when in doubt. His background knowledge and experience puts his clients at ease as they trust his judgements. Moreover, his keen interest and communication skills and the ability to know what the clients want is something that is admired by his colleagues and also his clients.



About David Osio



David graduated with a degree in international banking law at the leading Catholic University Andres Bello. He worked at OPED Enterprise as the company’s president and CEO. At some point, he worked at LETCO Commercial Companies and was in charge of structuring marketing programs for the company. He brilliantly led the company to be one of the best in the industry in the United States. He also worked at Banco Latino International where he spearheaded various operations and teams in the company.



David has extensive skills, knowledge and skills in international banking laws, finance and real estate. In all the positions he has held in his career have proven his mastery and expertise. He continues to steer Davos Group into establishing innovative ideas and services to their clients.

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Tammy Mazzocco Realtor Extraordinaire

Tammy Mazzocco developed a deep interest in real estate while working in various administrative positions managing the daily operations at several real estate firms. She found that she truly enjoyed all the various tedious aspects related to real estate. It was at the suggestion of a management colleague while she was working for a condominium complex, that she finally made the decision to seriously consider taking the necessary steps to obtain her own real estate license.

Over the next several years, Tammy Mazzocco continued her employment in the real estate community under the guidance and mentor ship of Ken Cook, a licensed real estate broker and Joe Armeni of RE/Max careful to observe and learn the knowledge and skills of these successful experienced realtors. Her progressive development of knowledge about the real estate market led her to an opportunity at Judy Gang & Associates in Pickering, Ohio. It was at this time under the guidance and leadership of Judy Gang that she finally obtained her own real estate license. She has been a success specializing in the sale and marketing of residential real estate serving the counties of Central Ohio ever since.

The Ohio real estate market experienced a boom over the 2015 stats despite the lull that often settles in during the winter season. According to Pete Kopf, a Cincinnati realtor, “…we experienced record gains in sales and average prices.” It appears that in Ohio at least, the real estate market is on to brighter days.

Tammy Mazzocco gained invaluable knowledge and skills over the last twenty years that any smart buyer or seller would want in a realtor. She has spent her entire career honing her craft. If you want great results, Tammy Mazzocco is the person who can deliver.

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Copa Star Hospital Reaches High Level of Excellence for Quality Care

Located in the area of Copacabana, a very well-known district of Rio de Janeiro, the Copa Star Hospital is described as a five-star hotel. However, it is highly-regarded as much more than that.

It is a world-class medical center which provides modern medical equipment, operating facilities and hybrid facilities. The Hospital Copa Star has 150 beds, 45 intensive care units and 105 rooms. The neurosurgery center is equipped with modern integrated MRI systems.

The treatment received from the medical faculty and staff is highly-respected.

The hospital has been responsible for bringing together a team of many highly-trained professionals which has been an essential element for providing the personalized efforts of their medical skills to patients. Their professional-agile style has been an enormous asset to Hospital Copa Star having the boundless functionality for providing the type of care needed in the 21st century. The hospital has been on the cutting edge of the type of Smart technology needed to give patients the access of care they need, and for making sure patient rights are continually protected.

The 21 thousand square meters and seven floors of space set the scene of an abundance of comfort and technology. The hospital has brought together innovation on and aligned it with medical alternatives that completely set it apart from many of its counter-parts. The interior design of the building incorporates a wide-range of beneficial features that raise the level of energy effectiveness. The hospital is currently reducing energy consumption reaching as high as 50%.

The level of care delivered to the patients of Hospital Copa Star has been paramount in the decision-making for the facilities. Making sure the patient’s well-being is accounted for is something that is completely evident in every corner of the hospital.

Hospital Copa Star has reached a level of excellence which is an exclusively-high achievement for its patients care. The concept of bringing the amenities together with the technology required to meet the medical needs was an extraordinary task which they have done brilliantly.

Creating an environment where patients can trust they’re receiving the best quality care takes great effort to accomplish. It means that a hospital has to be on high-alert to the patients’ needs above anything else. It is a standard that must be achieved on a consistent basis for that trust to continue. Hospital Copa Star has taken that trust to an even advanced level with the state-of-the-art facility they’ve built. It is enormous not just in its size, but it has reached the highest level of integrity for how the patients are treated.

The staff of over 550 essential employees and over 113 medical professionals on set the standards for high-quality care for the patients of Copa Star Hospital.

A Quick Look at Besty DeVos Philanthropic Life

Besty DeVos is an American philanthropist, education activist, and businesswomen. Besty was born on January 1958 and grew up in Michigan. She went to Holland Christian High School and later graduated with bachelor’s degree in business administration and political science from Calvin College. Besty DeVos is a member of the Republican Party, and she actively advocates for voucher programs and school choices. Besty has been actively involved in politics since 1982. From 1992 to 1997, she served as the Michigan’s Republican National Committeewoman. She has also chaired the Michigan Republican Party. Being a staunch defender of the Detroit charter system, she serves as a member of Foundation for Excellence in Education and has also served in Alliance for School Choice and All Children Matter PAC. In November, President-elect Donald Trump announced that Betsy would serve as the secretary of education. Currently, she is the chairwoman of Windquest Group, a company that invests in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology.

Philanthropic activities

In 1989, Besty and her husband Dick DeVos launched the Dick and Besty DeVos Family Foundation. The organization was formed with the aim of giving and faith is the motivating factor. The group has contributed financially to several sectors such as education, leadership, justice, arts and community. So far, the organization has spent $ 139 million in charitable giving. In arts, the Foundation donated 22.5 million dollars to Kennedy Center, where Besty served on the board of directors. The donation was aimed at teaching arts managers on fundraising and managing cultural institutions. A lot of donation from the organization has been directed to the education sector. Being her primary focus, several educational based initiatives and programs have received donations from the agency. Betsy is an active advocate for school vouchers that advocates for learning in private schools with public funding. The organization has channeled millions of money to the Alliance for School Choice and All Children Matter Pac. Success Academy Charter Schools got $150,000, Potters House received $ 200,000, and Foundation for Excellence in Education received $ 100,000.

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Besty also sits in the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Board. In 2015, her family foundation donated $ 750,000 to the organization and pledged to give $ 1 million in future. Moreover, Institute for Justice, a law firm which funds school choice lawsuits received $ 10,000 and $ 6,500 was channeled to Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc., an agency that promotes conservation viewpoints. In colleges and university, the foundation has funded several organizations. The University of Maryland College Park Foundation received $ 500,000. Additionally, Ferris State University received $113,500 and $250,000 channeled to the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. Other colleges that have benefited from the foundation include Davenport University, $55,000, Rollins College, $ 50,000, Calvin College, University of Michigan Food Allergy Center, Grand Rapids Community College Foundation among many others.

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Christopher Burch, a Man with Great Passion in Creativity


Christopher Burch is a successful man with a deep passion for both productivity and creativity. He is the chief executive officer and founder of the well-known Burch Creative Capital. Additionally, he is one of the co-founders of the prominent C. Wonder and Tory Burch LLC. Mr. Burch has an impressive and extensive record as an entrepreneur and investor. He successfully made his very first investment in the year 1976, beginning his illustrious career at a tender age while still a student at Ithaca College. Over the years, he has made good use of his instinctive eyes to perfectly discern services and products of the future. Mr. Burch has invested in different businesses across the world which have contributed to his success. Presently, Burch Creative Capital’s portfolio includes businesses like the fantastical resort Nihiwatu, the accessory company TRADEMARK, the trendy technology firm Jawbone and Faena Hotel Universe among others.


By being an ardent and keen observant of consumer behavior and trends, Mr. Burch has been able to make his career very successful. He professionally walks the lines between creating new and innovative products and satisfying old client’s desires and needs. When discussing future tech trends, Christopher Burch considers the increased fashion and technology intermingling, as a major topic. Since the 1970s technology size has decreased but increased in personal expression, popularity and wearability.


His Views on Fashion and Technology


Not long ago, Chris Burch wrote an informative article on tech fashion trends for the future. This article discusses the synthesis of technology and fashion comparing the popular and widely used boom box of the 1970s with the current fashionable iPod.


According to Burch, technology is very important since it enables us look good. He goes ahead to highlight Annouk Wipprecht, a fashion designer who makes classy and function driven clothes, something that has been made possible through new technological trends. He also mentions Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt who have invented and engineered airbag systems for bikers. Chris Burch discusses material innovation and recycling, and how individuals like Soledad Martin are currently experimenting with high quality materials for running shoes that allows one charge his or her phone while exercising.


Upon completing his article, Chris points out how technology plays an integral part in making fashion more functional. He says that technology and fashion can be used together exclusively to create energy. He envisions a future where fashion ad technology can make one another better, more fashionable and more functional. Chris Burch only sees creative winners and not losers.