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Dr. Johanan Rand helps solve hormone relate problems

Menopause and peri-menopause related symptoms are very common. Estrogen and progesterone subjects require a lot of attention when dealing with women’s health. In women, progesterone and estrogen levels decrease to a tune of 25% between the ages of 35 and 50 years. Most women suffer from hormonal imbalance due to the rapid decrease of estrogen and progesterone levels during menopause.

Through many studies around the globe, it has been proven that women with a good estrogen and progesterone balance are protected from many aging-related diseases. It has also been proven that women who are post-menopausal and have undergone proper hormonal replacement and balancing by hormones that are Bio-identical felt much better and remained healthy for a longer time. It is advisable to replace the missing hormones with the same Bio-identical hormones that the body ha when younger (

Replacement of hormones with synthetic ones that are chemically altered is not right since the body does not recognize them and they are different from what the body initially had. Premarin, a synthetically branded hormone that comes from the urine of pregnant mares is most of the times prescribed by medical experts to replace estrogen yet it has a different chemical structure from Bio-identical estrogen. Provera, generally known as progestin, is used to replace progesterone. Progestin has a different molecular structure and physiology from progesterone. In the anti-aging medical field, it is termed as anti-progesterone due to the side effects it can cause. Progestin affects the woman’s libido, increases incidences of blood clotting, heart attacks, depression, bloating and weight gain.

In men, a condition called Andropause occurs due to decreasing levels of testosterone as one grows old. As a man grows old, the decrease in testosterone production occurs simultaneously with a gradual increase in estrogen production, this state of hormonal imbalance results in the condition known as Andropause. Increased heart attack risks, hypertension, and obesity are related to low levels of testosterone

Dr. Johanan Rand creates a customized program for people depending on lab results. The program includes analyzing levels hormones, replacing and balancing them as advised clinically through Bio-identical products. Besides, the program ensures the energy level, vitality and vigor are recaptured through close monitoring of an individual’s optimum levels.

Founder of Aging Medical Centers, Dr, Johanan Rand is also a physiatrist, physical medicine, and a rehabilitation doctor. He is a graduate of the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Additionally, Dr. Johan Rand only practices peer-Review Medicine.

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Jorge Moll, Portrait Of A Neuroscience and Business Crossover

Jorge Moll, MD, PhD and currently Director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education–Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, is one of the neuroscientists studying the human brain as it relates to good and/or bad morals as a choice.

This particular study was conducted at the NIH, where Jorge Moll noted that different areas of the brain were activated when the study volunteers considered altruism versus self-serving acts. Therefore, he and his colleagues have stumbled into what could possibly be a bit of a conundrum in certain instances; i.e., making judicial decisions regarding criminal acts committed by psychopaths, who do not possess the apparent evolutionary accepted societal norms of behavior.


Jorge Moll’s Businesses

Jorge Moll has founded two businesses since his time at the NIH, both in Brazil. The Rede D’or Sao Luz, in Rio De Janeiro is a for-profit hospital and the D’Or Institute for Research and Education, is a non-profit entity. As well as a dedicated professional in his chosen career field, Jorge Moll is a committed family man and resides in Rio De Janeiro.

When asked how the idea for D’Or Institute of Research and Education, Dr. Moll answered that he had a fervent desire to cultivate world-class research, education, and healthcare in his own country. As a businessman, Jorge Moll utilizes efficient and productive business routines and practices and meets daily with students, associates, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs who represent diverse organizations. He entertains all ideas presented to him, but he does the hard job of choosing the best ones in a timely manner and dropping the rest, and only the ideas that can be converted into a plan of action and that also allow collaboration are chosen by Moll.

On a personal note, Jorge Moll immediately named his children as recipients of items that he had spent his most recent one hundred dollars on. Moll successfully combines his two halves into one healthy whole.

Jorge Moll’s expertise encompasses the following: Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience, Neurology, fMRI (shows blood flow to activated areas), Prefrontal Cortex, and Morality, and though his title is Director, Dr. Moll is an active participant and contributor in the projects that his current team of neuroscientists initiates and conducts.


David McDonald Is Building Relationships With The OSI Group

David McDonald is the President of The OSI Group for the last 30 years. Born and raised in Northeast Iowa, and a Iowa State University graduate, he has been leading the way in the OSI Group in Chicago, with the mission to create new solutions, in the food processing industry. The whole culture McDonald has set for himself, and lives by is growing and expanding the group, with the inspiration from customers to find innovative ways for them to keep becoming successful in the food processing industry today. David McDonald compares the high quality and safety, of his food products to feeding his family the same products that the OSI Group uses, so that he ensures that the respect for his customers, will be that of his own family.

McDonald is also taking part in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, supporting interns who want to be properly educated regarding the OSI Group’s services. Additionally, through scholarship funding, he has been able to support generously to his fraternity with Iowa State, Alpha Gamma Rho. At the American Meat Institute, David McDonald serves as Chairman of The Board, and in 2004, he was awarded the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, putting a stamp on his relationship with Iowa State University.

With the way everything is revolutionizing today, McDonald stresses that, in order to keep expanding as a company, at the OSI Group, they like to always be ready to adapt to change. Other companies in the food processing industry, are not ready to adapt to change, making David McDonald and the OSI Group, have the competitive edge to grow at a rapid pace, while keeping a low profile, and gives their success, to the credit of its customers. Their customers have become confident in the group, knowing that will continue to receive the most customized experiences with the food they promote within their business.

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The Different Reasons To Start a Business and Vijay Eswaran’s Reasons

Many people find different reasons and motivations to start a business. However, they do not all succeed. One of the many factors behind the success of a business is the motivation behind it. When people start a business or become entrepreneurs, they have to think a lot about what they are after so that they can actually move in the right direction. The people that fail often do not put enough thought into their business. At the same time, this is not the only factor to the success or failure of a business. There are also other factors including timing that can affect business.

One of the most common reasons that people start a business is that they want to make money and fire their boss. The only thing is that they have to think about all of the work that goes into running a business. There is often a lot more work than people expect. Then they find themselves doing more of what they don’t want which is draining to them. This can result in burnout from the type of job that they have chosen to do on their own. To run the right type of business, one has to make sure that he has an adequate understanding of himself.

This is one thing that entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran has done. He has taken the time to figure out what he truly values and what brings him life. He did not just start a business just to make money and work on his own terms. He has taken the time to think about the types of activities that he enjoys. Then he has found some way to make money from his activities. Vijay Eswaran enjoys making people happy and helping them grow. Therefore, he has based his business, The Qi Group around this activity.

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New report by Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital expects KODAK’s stock price to plummet

Six days before announcing the new Kodak partnership, WENN digital was trying to release Ryde Coin, a cryptocurrency designed to “benefit the community of countless paparazzi and media conglomerates with whom we do business” – a stark contrast to the words used in Kodak’s press release describing the project’s goal of “Empowering photographers” and “Democratizing photography.” The team turned to KODAK after their project failed to gain traction. Follow Sahm Adrangi on Twitter.

Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital has taken a short position against shares of Eastman Kodak company, a 138-year old commercial printing and imaging enterprise whose stock prices have more than doubled since they announced a partnership with plans to release a cryptocurrency along with a bitcoin mining rig.

On January 9th, Kodak and a newly formed organization named WENN virtual introduced a “primary Blockchain Initiative and Cryptocurrency.” Kodak lended the usage of its brand name to WENN digital to create KODAKOne, a rights management platform for photography professionals that mainly uses blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency that would enable photographers to promote and buy/ sell photos and related services.

who exactly is the team behind the KODAKOne project? with all the media attention Kodak has ignited with this new partnership announcement, it’s slightly odd that the KODAKOne site doesn’t bother to mention a single person from Kodak. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

That is for a good reason – now that they have graced the project with its name, Kodak can contribute absolutely nothing else.

At the CES conference, Kodak also announced an even less promising project to which it lended its copyright: the KashMiner. A Bitcoin mining rig seen by most as a scam. Experts in the cryptocurrency scene claim that for the price of the KashMiner (above 3,000 USD) the amount of Bitcoin mined would put the owner at a net loss over a 2 year period, taking into account the increasing difficulty of mining Bitcoin.

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O2Pur is One of The More Promising eCig Companies Today

Business owners today can sometimes be imperious and overconfident with the products and companies they manage. Fortunately, the e-cig industry is not contaminated with such overconfidence. It is a highly thriving industry, fast-growing but is seeing a lot of traction lately that if it goes well, could prove profitable to the stakeholders involved. One of these companies that show a lot of potential in the e-cig game is O2Pur, and it is right now part of the list of the exciting companies that offer a lot of possibilities and opportunities for investors.

The eCig Industry Right Now

In the report from The Motley Fool, we learn that the tobacco industry is undergoing a lot of changes lately and transitions. One of these would be the e-cig industry, and with the new technologies and upgrades that the tobacco business is undergoing, there’s little wonder why something like the e-cig would come out.

It is safe to say that buying a stock or two from the eCig industry could prove favorable to one’s portfolio. What may determine the results could be the number of investments one puts in. Today, some of the leading companies that are showing great leadership and growth for the eCig products they offer are Reynolds-American, Imperial Tobacco and Philip Morris.

It’s not that hard to pick the right eCig as a consumer. What you just look for is the taste, convenience of the purchase and the set of flavors available for such eCig. The good thing about the products from O2Pur is that it acknowledges the importance of all these factors in determining what kind of consumer-level eCig one should create.

From BoxMods to Smooth and Nicotine Salts E-liquid, O2Pur has made sure that all the products they create understand the needs of the individuals’ first and profit must only be secondary. It also offers a set of wonderful Vape Pens and refills that would satisfy any discriminating Vape user.

It’s also a source of O2Pur that the products they offer are all fast-acting and better-tasting than the alternatives, especially involving the Nicotine-salts that they use for their vapes.

GoBuyside — The Investor’s Choice

GoBuyside was based on the ideas of Arjun Kapur. The company is a modern firm that makes a habit out of assisting non-public corporations, hedge fund investors, Fortune 500 firms, advising firms, investment managers, and different corporations across a wide field of investment and valuation. They leverage their knowledge of looking into businesses and studying asset records. The technique of research yields a frame of information that groups can use to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The history of asset valuation can offer plenty perception into the details of a business enterprise’s financial health. They also can inspire a company to redesign their investment strategy by way of presenting their expert opinion on important topics which include liabilities and investments. A firm’s normal monetary health relies upon on their assets and fairness and GoBuyside facilitates every firm’s ability to enhance these important areas. Read this article at Accesswire.

GoBuyside has a workforce this is well trained and knowledgeable in the regions of monetary development. They offer their network with an essential service that many take advantages from. The equity reimbursement statistics that they provide will help the community with the differences in fund structure. Every company has a distinct approach to how they grow revenue and keep their assets. The currency on hand and intake can yield various funding systems and make the market risky. Every enterprise inside the area that is carried out by GoBuyside has been covered inside the benchmarking for clients to browse. The corporation speaks with hundreds of specialists over the course of 12 months to finish taking a look at the data widely available. The facts allow consumers to connect with investment agencies in their desired area and make the best selections for them. The latest has been carried out by 965 personal fairness firms and professionals. This stage of detail is what makes GoBuyside a broadly respected firm. They are a precious asset to their investment network.

In an effort to enlist the services of GoBuyside a firm should take the step of putting in place a non-public account and developing a portfolio. Your data is saved confidentially and when you are in the platform you’ll have complete managing power over how you utilize the platform. The arena’s great economic experts are at your disposal and will help you in all of your choices. Most of the funding budget, hedge finance investors, and portfolio managers have all started leveraging the strength of GoBuyside and their income has had incredible increases. Read this article at Nasdaq.

The New Trends In The Academy Of Art University

Last September, the Academy of Art University held its 21st Annual runway showcase. The designers were recent graduates from around the world with collections of all kinds. In the audience was Sara Kozlowski of CDFA and Ms. J Alexander of Top Model. This show was the culmination of months of hard work and late nights for these students.

About the Academy

The Academy of Art University is located in the heart of San Francisco. More than 90 of their students have been honored for advancements in their fields. There have been nearly 100 Oscar nods from their students and alum. They have programs in design, liberal arts, entertainment, and fine art. It is one of the largest privately owned Art Schools in the United States.

The Academy’s Roots

The Academy was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stevens under the name of Academy of Advertising Art. Stevens was a painter and magazine editor. He led the university until 1951 when his son took over. The academy continued to be family when Stevens grandaughter took over in 1992. Elisa Stevens has since taken the academy to new heights including this runway show.

What the Academy Offers

Currently, the academy has over 18,000 students and is the largest accredited private art & design university in the nation. They have programs in Acting, Advertising, Architecture, Art History, Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Motion Pictures & Television, Photography, Web Design & more. Some of the alum includes actress Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, actress and singer Raven Symone, fashion designer Kara Laricks, and make-up artist Rick Baker who is best known for winning an academy award for his work on Maleficent.

The show was a huge success and included works from Jelly Shan, Ryan Yu, Cana Klebanoff, Saya Shen, Carlos Rodriguez, Diane Marie Lam, Eden Slezin, and Hailun Zhou. One thing is for sure, we expect great things from these designers in the future.

Glen Wakeman Is All About His Business

Glen Wakeman is a very successful businessman that wears many different hats, including Global Business Executive, writer, entrepreneur, investor and mentor.

Glen Wakeman’s success began with a strong, educational foundation. He went to the University of Scranton and in 1981 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in in Economics and Finance. He then went on to obtain his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Chicago in 1993.

After college, he then went on to work for the prestigious company GE Capital. His career at GE Capital lasted over 20 years and provided him with many opportunities. He was able to live in 6 different countries and work in 32 different countries during his employment with them. Glen Wakeman was an excellent multi-tacker. While employed with GE Capital he had many responsibilities including handling mergers and acquisitions, business start-ups, divestitures, integrations, downsizing, new market entry and exponential growth, just to name a few. One of his most amazing achievements while employed there was being able to start a 9 country business operation from the ground up and wind up being able to employee 17,000 people and creating over 2 billion dollars in revenue (Dailyforexreports).

After his employment with GE Capital, he then moved on to Launchpad Holdings LLC, where he was the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Co-founder. This company was created in 2015 to assist entrepreneurs with increasing their success rate by providing online business planning services.

Glen Wakeman continues to educate, lead and motivate entrepreneurs with his success blog that can be found on Glen writes about various subjects including leadership, international fiscal matters, global affairs, management, administration, and business transformation. He regularly gives advice through his blog on raising capital and financing options for businesses. Glen takes his role as a mentor and leader very seriously. As a matter of fact, he takes all of his business seriously, which is why he is so successful.


The Three Essential Technologies Perry Mandera Uses To Better Serve His Customers

Every day, millions of Americans rely on the transportation industry to serve their most important needs. This critical yet often overlooked segment of our economy has come a long way over the years, in part thanks to the pioneering vision of Perry Mandera, the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. which offers transportation services based in North Lake, Illinois (

Always committed to a life of service, Mandera has applied his charitable nature and strategic thinking in every stage of his life. After serving his country through the Marine Corps Reserves as a truck driver, he would later go on to create The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986 (Releasefact).

Today, Perry Mandera’s business has grown significantly—generating over $200 million in sales annually—thanks largely to his commitment to serving customers with the aid of unique technologies.

Of those incredible innovations, here are three features the company uses to serve customers:

1) Cheetah Dispatch: this incredible piece of software provides the company’s truck drivers with real-time information regarding deliveries, packages, and more. By accessing the software through their satellite-tracked tablets, truckers can minimize paperwork and increase efficiency.

2) Warehouse Management System (WMS): this incredible tool gives customers unique insights into their product inventories, allowing them to track packages even up to the point of delivery.

3) Dock Management System (DMS): this precedent-setting technology has allowed The Custom Companies, Inc. to minimize delays and errors. Being entirely paperless, and instead utilizing a bar code system, each shipment can be moved along with much greater efficiency.

These critical technologies, spearheaded by Perry Mandera’s incredible vision, are a large part of why The Custom Companies, Inc. has succeeded so greatly. By combining industry innovation with Perry’s commitment to servitude, the business has managed to fulfill customers’ needs with unprecedented consistency. It is truly a testament to what can happen when a passion for serving the community merges with Mandera’s admirable work ethic.