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Dr. Mark McKenna, M.D.

Dr. Mark McKenna, M.D. has a clear mission statement listed on his web page – “I enjoy helping my patients get their quality of life back.” As a certified orthopedic surgeon by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Mark McKenna follows through on that promise to his patients.

With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology and chemistry from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, graduate studies at the University of Wyoming, and receiving his medical degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the entire state of Wyoming. His education continued as he completed his residency program at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania and a fellowship specializing in the shoulder and elbow with the University of Washington.

In 2011, Dr. Mark McKenna became a welcome part of the Premier Bone & Joint Centers Laramie, Wyoming office. He continues teaching others at the University of Washington Medical School through their WWAMI program, and is a member of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Although Dr. Mark McKenna specializes in shoulder and elbow orthopedics, he does also oversee hand, wrist, total joint replacement, knee, sports medicine and fracture care as well. By placing together specific plan to address each patients individual needs, Dr. Mark McKenna and the team at Premier Bone and Joint Centers work together to help ensure a successful recovery.

Outside of surgery Dr. McKenna likes to stay active. Collecting wine, playing football, shooting down a few hoops on the basketball courts, golfing on the greens, sitting by the lake and enjoying the scenery on a quiet morning catching fish and hiking on a beautiful trail are just a few of his pastimes enjoyed away from the office.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also partnered with Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie, Wyoming, Community Hospital, Torrington, Wyoming, and the Wyoming Medical Center located in Casper, Wyoming.

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Jason Hope Is A Firm Believer In Anti-Aging And Backs Up His Beliefs

Most people associate Jason Hope with his success as an entrepreneur, his generosity as a philanthropist, his expertise and knowledge regarding investing or his uncanny ability as a futurist. In addition to all these activities, many individuals remain unaware of the focus he places on anti-aging. They symptoms associated with aging are being treated by the medical community, but there is very little in the way of research to halt or at least slow the process down. Jason Hope is determined to advance anti-aging research, and has backed up his voice with monetary contributions. He donated $500,000 in 2010 to the SENS Foundation for this purpose.

The SENS Foundation is strictly non-profit, and is addressing the disease of anti-aging through developments, promotions, and methods of rejuvenation. They are specifically targeting diabetes, lung disease, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Jason Hope has a passion for the biotechnology of rejuvenation, and has often spoken at the SENS foundation in addition to his generous contributions. He has made it clear he is not looking for research to enable people to live forever, but rather to live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. He gives his support to the approach of the foundation to cure diseases that accelerate the process of aging. The foundation is trying to prevent diseases that break down the systems of the body. Instead of trying to locate better treatments for these diseases, he wants to prevent the diseases from occurring.

Jason Hope’s patronage to the SENS Foundation is incredibly important. The reason foundations such as this have problems is because cutting-edge technology and innovation are expensive. Private and public funding is incredibly difficult to attain unless concrete progress can be demonstrated. In the past, these organizations were forced to rely strictly on contributions from individuals with enough excitement regarding their work to donate. If it were not for individuals like Jason Hope, the forward-looking and relevant research of the SENS Foundation may never have had the opportunity to begin.

Jason Hope has an excellent education he acquired at the Arizona State University. Even towards the very start of his career he was focused on biotechnology, investing and philanthropy. He has created many companies during his career, become involved in the Internet of Things, mentored students attending high school, assisted entrepreneurs with the development of grant programs and given a lot back to the community. His is additionally dedicated to politics on a local and national level.

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The Work of Barbara Stokes in Helping the Hurricane Harvey Victims

Barbara Stokes a vast experience when it comes to Disaster Relief management. She studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the Mercer University. She uses her vast experience in material properties and structures, thermodynamics, the management of manufacturing and technical communication to help in running Green Structure Homes which is based in Alabama. She previously held different positions at Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she used her skills to work alongside the government on contracts. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

After the Hurricane Harvey, a lot of people were left homeless and stranded. Federal Emergency Management Agency, a government agency, saw the need to assist the victims of the hurricane by helping them get shelter. They contracted Green Structure Homes and gave them a contract worth 28.5 million dollars to help in disaster relief. Barbara Stokes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes, brought her experience of working with government contracts to assist with the implementation of this contract. Green Structure Homes is located in Alabama but due to the urgency and intensity of the work required before delivering these homes, they had to expand their operations into various states. They were going to expand their manufacturing firm into Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Minnesota and Florida. This expansion would lead to job opportunities in these states and their surroundings. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Green Structure Homes was tasked with providing modular homes over a short period of time to assist in the management of the disaster that had occurred during the hurricane. Barbara was very excited about the opportunity as they were helping the affected as they created job opportunities for others while improving the business of the communities. As much as they were to be delivered within a fast turnaround time, quality was their number one priority. Apart from been very good at management of disasters, Barbara is a dedicated mother and a Huntsville community volunteer.

The Company provides innovative, quality and a variety of solutions to individuals, companies and the government when it comes to disaster management. The way in which they build their homes is admirable as they focus on providing quality steel or wood frame homes as needed. Their designs are advanced and the technology used is exemplary. Barbara Stokes continues to use her experience of over 3 decades to guide the company towards a successful future as they help others in the community. Together with her team, she works towards ensuring that their product stands out, their customer service is excellent and they are constantly working towards managing disasters in the best and quickest way.


Cassio Audi: A Legend in the Brazilian Music Industry

Before joining the finance industry, Cassio Audi was a well-accomplished musician with the Brazilian band, Viper. He joined the band in 1985 as a drummer, lyricist, and vocalist, in addition to conducting marketing for the band’s songs and albums. Cassio Audi began his music career together with four of his friends: Felipe, Pit, Yves, and Machado Andre. Together they formed the band viper which did very well in the late 80’s.

About Viper

Viper produced its first demo album The Killer Sword with music tracks such as Killera, Nightmare, and Princes from Hell. Given that English was a second language for the band members, many critics and fans said the album needed refining and tuning. However, the production team believed in the band’s talent and encouraged it to produce its first album, Soldiers of Sunrise, in 1987. The album contained some of the songs in the demo album that had been adjusted to improve their quality. Allmusic gave the album a four-star rating, which catapulted the band to the international stage. Cassio Audi and Viper performed on many international stages including in Europe and the rest of America. The band’s second album, Theater of Fate, was released in 1989 before Cassio left the band to go and pursue his studies at the university.

Cassio Audi in the Music Industry

Cassio Audi is remembered for his tenacity in the band. He not only had a strong work ethic, but he also presented his music ideas well. He is remembered for his persistence in pitching his song ideas, which ensured that the band produced high quality music for its fans. Through his efforts, the band got massive airplay on the radio waves and also performed on many international stages. The band is remembered for its electric performances and the huge following it garnered over a short period of time. Cassio Audi still remains a legend in the Brazilian music scene not only for his drumming skills, but also because of his vocals and song composition.

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Brian Torchin: Talented Chiropractor And CEO Of HCRC Staffing

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is the founder and president of HCRC Staffing. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area based company provides quality temporary and permanent staff members for medical offices and law firms nationwide.

Torchin graduated from New York Chiropractic College and has a B.S. in exercise science from the University of Delaware. He spent 7 years as director of medical marketing at Practice Management Inc. and ran a successful chiropractic practice before starting HCRC Staffing in 2007.

While working in the medical field, Brian Torchin became aware of the dire need for staffing solutions at clinics, doctors offices, medical facilities and law firms. Using his professional connections, he was able to create a data base of highly qualified, well-trained medical and legal professionals.

Since founding HCRC Staffing, Torchin and the company have become the source of quality employees for a growing number of medical and legal firms. Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing are lauded for their ability to deliver quality employee to their clients within 72 hours.

Under his leadership HCRC Staffing has quickly become the healthcare and legal industries’ top full-service staffing and consulting company. They have helped medical facilities and law firms deal with one of their biggest challenges: staff turnover.

HCRC Staffing prides itself on its ability to customize their staffing solutions to meet their clients’ specific needs. The goal of Torchin and his team is to develop long-term relationships with their all their clients based on respect and trust and consistently delivering excellent results through providing flexible staffing solutions.

Brian Torchin is known for recruiting and preparing quality candidates to fill a wide range technically challenging medical and legal positions. He is also known for writing very helpful articles and blog posts on hiring staff, employee relations and marketing.

Over the years Torchin has received much praise for being warm, welcoming and personable with his clients and staff while maintaining an incredibly high level of professionalism.

Even though Torchin has enjoyed great success with HCRC Staffing, he still continues to run his chiropractic practice. He is known for providing high quality chiropractic care and physical therapy services for his patients.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

*A Closer look at Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

A Cancer diagnosis if frightening for any person as well as their family members. It is important that the Cancer patient receive best possible care and treatment during this very difficult and trying time. Cancer Treatment Centers of America can provide expert care as well as an environment that will help the patient focus on treating their Cancer in any way possible.

Cancer Treatment Centers treat a variety of Cancers including Breast, Colon, Prostate, Bladder, Ovarian, Lung and much more. CTC has locations in Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta as well as Tulsa Oklahoma. Dr. Emil Abramian is a Critical Care Physician based out of Philadelphia. Dr. Abramian has a reputation for treating patients like a family member. Providing care and emotional support can help the Cancer patient better cope with the undesirable changes that their Cancer causes.

CTC has a team of professional Physician’s that will properly diagnose and make treatment suggestions to the patient. Sometimes, Cancer treatment involves Surgery followed by Chemo-Therapy and Radiation. Cancer Treatment Centers use state of the art technology to properly treat Cancer and improve the chances of remission or cure.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the few facilities that use Genomic Medicine to treat certain cancers. In addition, CTC also participates in clinical trials which offer new hope in discovering new Cancer fighting drugs. Genomic mutations plays a significant role in developing certain Cancers. The better understanding that Physician’s and researchers have about Genomic mutations will enable Physicians to treat Cancer more aggressively and more cures could result.

Patients are encouraged to attend in house support groups which can help patient better cope with their illness through group and individual therapy. Patients have the opportunity to meet other Cancer patients and their share story. The emotional toll that Cancer can take on a person can be devastating.

Finally, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has representative available to take your calls and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Please view the web site at The web site does offer an on line chat feature that may be utilized during certain times of the day. Timing can mean everything when a Cancer diagnosis is made. If you were diagnosed with Cancer do not be afraid to seek help by contacting CTC as soon as possible.

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Being success isn’t easy but Louis Chenevert knows the way!

In regards to former CEO of United Technologies, Louis Chenevert was the man to look up to when wanting to be successful. Before his time at UTC, Chenevert worked his way up and began building a very successful line of businesses. After taking the UTC CEO job, Chenevert looked to grow the company farther than anyone dreamed. He spent most of his first year trying to make a deal with Goodrich, a supplier of systems aerospace companies. If he could make this deal happen and eventually merge with Goodrich, it could be the best thing to happen in such a large industry of aerospace suppliers. Chenevert made it happen with a $18.4 billion deal, which made this merge very powerful in the industry. The deal really brought Chenevert the name of fame and his Alma Mater gave him an honorary doctorate in line with the success he had brought upon himself. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

After merging with Goodrich, the two companies worked to create a geared turbofan engine. Although the project was expensive, Louis Chenevert was able to offer it to Pratt & Whitney due to the engine being perfect for their plane’s body shape. Over 14 airliners now fly with these engines and it continues to grow everyday. In regards to being a business for aerospace manufacturing and technology, Chenevert focused on bringing engineers to his company in order to gain a higher profit. With that forward thinking, he was able to get engineers to come and work for him at the companies headquarters in Connecticut. With Chenevert’s knowledge on the market, he knows how to profit and how each little sub-area runes. For example, the demand cycles in the commercial world and the military world run differently. His goal is to ultimately grow the aerospace maximization for profit and find where aerospace can help in any little area.

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With his success, Louis Chenevert is one of a kind in business and many models of it can be learned from him. The education and experience he brought to the field is unparalleled, especially with his business mindset. Louis Chenevert is success. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

A Comprehensive Background Check On Tony Petrello

Leadership is vital to the success of the company. Tony Petrello has been in the limelight as the CEO of Nabors Industries. Since 1991, he has worked with Nabors who are involved in natural gas drilling. They have over 500 rigs in 25 countries.

Tony Petrello was born and raised in Newark, and he was a bright student with his math abilities especially calculus. These unique skills got recognized by Yale University who offered him a scholarship where he studied Mathematics.

At Yale, he crossed paths with Serge Lang who was a mathematician as well as a professor who became Tony’s mentor. After graduation, he never pursued a math-related career but instead went on to Harvard Law School to pursue law.

His Business Career

After Harvard, he acquired a job at Baker & McKenzie which was a law firm. He specialized in corporate law. It’s during this time that he brushed shoulders with Nabors Industries who were impressed by his work. Nabors offered him a job which he later accepted, and he joined the company in 1991 where he as the chief operating officer.

At Nabor, he became a board member which he was later the chairman in 2012. He also got the CEO position in 2011 which he currently still holds.

His Achievements At Nabors

Tony has been involved in a series of acquisitions and purchases. One good example is the Grace Drilling purchased in 1993 and Superior Well Services in 2010.

The company’s share price tremendously increased. The company has grown and has become highly competitive. It has emerged as one of the largest drilling companies globally.

His Input In Texas Children’s Hospital

He has a wife named Cynthia. Ever since their daughter was born, she was born at only 24 weeks and had a neurological condition ever since. It is through their efforts of searching for a hospital that they came across Texas Children’s Hospital which helped in their daughter’s condition.

Ever since, the couple has made contributions for the construction of a research institute at the hospital for children with similar conditions as their daughter.

Tony Petrello has been involved in various charities. He has contributed at Yale University for the commemoration for his mentor Serge Lang.

All his achievements at Nabors can be attributed to the fact that he has unique leadership skills. His work ethics also have contributed. He has previously received one of the highest compensation among CEOs in the U.S.

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Jeff Yastine’sBet on Malls This Christmas

     Many people believe that malls are on their death bed, especially this year. In the business world, one of the exaggerated stories is the “death of retail.” Most believe that Amazon will take over the retail business approximately one year from now.

The assumption is that people will no longer go out to shop. The streets in the various shopping districts around America will be empty. Instead, the roads will be full of UPS freight vans delivering goods to customers. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of drones will be used to make the goods delivery process even faster.

How Are the Investors Responding?


Although this is what most people believe, investors are viewing a different picture. On November 13, 2017, Brookfield Property Partners LP offered to buyout GGP Inc. (NYSE: GGP) for up to $14.8 billion. Since the rumor first spread a week before, GGP has seen the price of its stock rise by 18%. This was a significant rise given that the prices had fallen by about by 40% last year.

But why are investors thronging into the malls while everyone is running away? Whereas internet retail has led to a significant reduction in mall visitors, the malls can generate a lot of revenue as retail and real-estate assets. In one of the deals, GGP accepted to redevelop a part of their Seattle-area mall properties into apartment buildings.


Other Investors

Miller Value Partners is another company that has discovered the investment opportunity in the sector. Recently, they invested in Washington Prime Group (NYSE: WPG) and CBL Properties (NYSE: CBL). Berkshire Hathaway has bought shares in two companies namely Seritage Growth Properties (NYSE: SRG) and STORE Capital (Nasdaq: STOR).


Final Thought

It is agreeable that America is “over-malled.” However, online retail has played a significant role in the fall of most of these retailers. The resulting drastic reduction in the prices of these assets has seen an influx of other investors. The mall REIT sector is at this stage now.


Who is Jeff Yastine?

Jeff Yastine works at Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor of Total Wealth Magazine. The magazine provides investment advice critical to achieving financial freedom. This research advisory has gained a lot of popularity emerging as one of the most influential financial publications of its kind.

Jeff Yastine has worked as a stock market investor as well as a financial journalist for over 20 years. He has participated and reported on important financial world events. He was once nominated for the Annual Emmy Awards financial journalist. Over the years, he has helped many people make significant economic gains from their investment by following his advice.


Brazilian Drummer Cassio Audi Continues to Influence Today’s Heavy Metal Music

In the early 1980’s a renowned heavy metal band was being created in Brazil. The band, known as Viper, featured legendary Brazilian drummer Cassio Audi. Cassio would be joining forces with current musicians Andre Matos, Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell and Yves Passarell to complete the band known as Viper, the Iron Maiden inspired heavy metal band.

During the 1980’s Heavy Metal bands were continually evolving in Britain. Viper was able to adapt the heavy metal music of Britain into the Brazilian music scene. The influence of Cassio Audi, in the early days of heavy metal music, has given him legendary status in the current metal music scene in Brazil.

“Soldiers of Sunrise”, Viper’s first album, elevated Cassio Audi to fame as a teenage heavy metal drummer. The album was released in English, which was highly unusual at the time for a Brazilian band. AllMusic gave Viper’s first album four stars, another major feat for a teenage heavy metal band from Brazil.

The early music career of Cassio Audi has continued to influence heavy metal rock music in Brazil today. The ability of Viper to create ainnovative sound based on Britain’s heavy metal music has allowed the current bands of today to embrace the music while refining it to today’s market.

Cassio Audi has achieved iconic status in the history of Brazilian heavy metal drummers. Devotion to perfecting a sound made popular in Britain, by a Brazilian heavy metal rock band, has allowed another generation of talented musicians to perform the music made popular in the 1980’s by this innovative drummer and band.