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How To Succeed The Jim Toner Way

After 25 years in the trenches, Jim Toner is beyond qualified to speak on what’s required to make it in business. Mr. Toner went from broke to being a very wealthy individual rather quickly. He is the first to admit that it was not easy for him. However, like most successful real estate investors, it was Jim Toner’s grittiness and resilient character that saw him through.

You can always count on things not going smoothly. Moments of panic like the financial crisis in 2008. The trick is to be able to ride them out, and a big part of the game is your mindset. Toner said, he loves helping aspiring investors. To that end, he has shared the following points of wisdom gleaned from his two and a half decades in business.

  1. Have a positive attitude at all times. When others see obstacles, you see opportunities.
  1. Build a competent team with a varied skill set. Be ready to delegate authority. No one can do it alone.
  1. Never stop working on your most important asset, which is yourself! Take the time to exercise and read self-development books. Study successful people and implement what you learn from them.
  1. There’s nothing wrong with working for others, but you must become an owner to achieve wealth, independence, and freedom.
  1. Be self-coached and your most demanding critic . Always be honest with yourself and push for your best at all times.
  1. Plan everything and set priorities. There are only so many hours in the day. Plan your work and work your plan.
  1. Set ambitious goals and know in your heart of hearts that you can reach them, and you will.

Jim Toner concludes by admitting that the secret to success is that there is no secret, just never quit! Get in touch with Toner on Facebook.

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Peter Briger and Fellow Alumni Present a Gift for Princeton Entrepreneurship

Peter Briger is a principal and also the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group board of directors. Fortress group is a global investment management company. Before joining Fortress in 2002, Peter Briger had spent 15 years in Goldman Sachs. He then became a partner in the company in the year 1996. Peter Briger has been a member of the Princeton University Investment Company board. Peter Briger is a high profile figure in the world of finance. He is among the 400 elite business professionals in the Forbes list.

Peter Briger, Gordon Ritter and another who prefers to be kept anonymous, decided to start a pilot funding program to help recent Princeton alumni with their start-up firms. The pilot funding, dubbed the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund, was to aid in the realization of the Entrepreneurship for Princeton Way vision.

This new fund will help the recent alumni in bringing their innovative ideas to work by providing them with matching seed funds of up to $100,000.
Four teams have been chosen in the pilot program’s first round;

• Co-founders of Kudzoo, Trevor Wilkins and Logan Cohen. Kudzoo is a mobile app designed to offer students deals and discounts ranging from giveaways, businesses, concert tickets, information on scholarship opportunities and many more experiences based on their grades and accomplishments.

• Vaidhy Murti, CEO of Friendsy, and Michael Pinsky, COO of Friendsy. Friendsy is a social media app that groups college students using their email addresses. It also enables them to make new friends, updates them on college buzz and helps them find romantic partners.

• The co-founders of Preeline, Julia Macalaster and David Lamer. Preeline is an online market for handbags and clothing where customers can find items and express their opinion “love/ hate” on the items before they reach the stores.

• Maisie Devine and Isaac Rothenbaum, the CEO and CTO of Poacht respectively. Poacht is a covert job search for the people that are currently employed. Employers use the Poacht platform to get the right candidates for vacant positions in their firms. Poacht’s algorithm sorts, ranks and then matches passive candidates to vacant positions on the platform

Igor Cornelson Knows How To Find The Right Kinds Of Investment Opportunities Before The Crowd Does

Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil and studied engineering at the Federal University of Parana. He later decided to go into economics instead of engineering and began to study the subject at the same college. In 1970, he graduated from the university and then moved on to work with an investment bank. He eventually gained a lot of recognition for his investment banking skills and was promoted to sit on the board of directors of Multibanco. Just a couple of years after this, he became the banks CEO.


Igor Cornelsen decided to move on and work for Unibanco after Bank of America purchased Multibanco. After working with Unibanco for many years, he went to work with Libra Bank PLC. He served with the bank for some time before going to work with the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He served the bank as a member of its board of directors for quite some time and then decided to start up his own investment firm in 1995. Today, he continues to serve as an investment manager and operates his own investment fund.


Igor Cornelsen was asked in a recent interview where the idea for his investment advising career had originated, and he answered that his business idea came about due to his own experience in the industry. He has managed funds in the stock market for over four decades and decided to stop making large sums of money for others when he could do so for himself, instead. He pays close attention to countries where political issues or economic choices are having a negative and sells his assets there before they become problematic.


Cornelsen seeks legitimate news sources to get his investing information from. One of his favorite news sources is Reuters, and he loves sourcing news from Reuters because it is generally free of analysis and the opinions of others. Instead of relying on a single investing strategy, he has been successful all of these years because of his ability to discover investing opportunities before others do. This, and the fact that he has been at the game for longer than most other investors have helped him to continue to find profits in any kind of market.

Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Lawyer For Legal Advice or Representation

Are you looking for a reputable law office or lawyer? Do you want to hire one of the best attorneys in Brazil? Maybe you’re searching for a lawyer or law firm that provides efficient legal services in Brazil. If you have been issued served with a lawsuit, it is crucial that you consult a reliable attorney right away.

Bruno Fagali is a top attorney and one of the leading Urban Law practitioners. He has been catering to clients for a long time and is well recognized in the industry. Numerous businesses, professionals and organizations turn to him for top notch legal representation.

Once you have a powerful attorney on your side you can be certain that your case will be handled appropriately. It is always advisable to contact a lawyer like Bruno Fagali when you find yourself in a tough legal situation. It is crucial that you are well prepared to face the legal matter. Bruno comes highly recommended and has the resources to address the issue effectively. Read more about Bruno Fagali on Crunchbase.

No matter the nature of your case, Bruno Fagali can help you obtain the best possible outcome. Legal matters can be extremely complex and it’s imperative that you have competent representation.

A good lawyer will help his clients resolve all of the legal issues they are facing in their organization or establishment. Having an experienced and renowned attorney like Bruno on your side will surely help to protect your investments in the event of a dispute or other legal trouble.

A major benefit of choosing someone like Bruno Fagali is the reliable guidance you get. Bruno is passionate about providing the guidance and advice that his clients need to achieve their goal. He strives to get them out of legal trouble and ensures that they comply with the applicable law. See more:


Ryan Seacrest: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Humanitarian

It is no secret that the Seacrest is a globally known celebrity by now. Ryan Seacrest started off his career by hosting a few teenage shows before he made it big with his job at American Idol. After landing the American Idol job, he quickly became known for his charming host personality along with his skills at properly delivering introductions and speeches. Not too much time passed until people started to hear the name “Ryan Seacrest” and refer to him as “that guy from American Idol”. Although the term might seem a bit insulting, Ryan didn’t mind one bit.

In fact, according to, Ryan Seacrest has stated on several occasions that he would do the American Idol Show for the rest of his life if he had the chance to do so. This turned out to not be the case since the show finally aired its last episode after 15 seasons. This undoubtedly emotionally affected Ryan (@ryanseacrest). According to his closest friends and family, he lost a part of himself after the show was cancelled.

This wasn’t the end of Ryan, though. According to Ryan, he shopped around from advice from more experienced people in the same industry and applied it. The advice was for him to not jump into anything too quickly so that he can have time to recover. Following this advice, he patiently waited until opportunity struck. However, to take this opportunity, he had to leave his old mindset behind.

Ryan Seacrest had to move to New York to be the co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. This turned out to be a great opportunity for him. He has also started his own radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. His humanitarian side allowed him to give back to the children by creating his very own non-profit organization called “The Ryan Seacrest Foundation“. It doesn’t stop there. Ryan has also been able to start his very own and very successful fashion line “Distinction”.

Ryan Seacrest can do it all and has proved it with his actions. The 43-year-old seems to have only begun to fulfill his true potential. He is a dedicated man.

Alex Hern: Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Co-Chairman of Tsunami VR Inc.

Alexander F. Hern is the co-founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Chairman of Tsunami VR Inc. headquartered in Los Angeles, California. After over a decade of entrepreneurship during which Hern focused extensively on start-ups in the very beginning incubation and seed stages, he also held positions on various boards, including serving as a member of the board of directors for Silicon Valley International Capital. Alex Hern was also Executive Vice President at this company and one Co-Chairman of their board of directors since they began. Other notable boards on which he sat include Mobile Airwaves, Inc., IRDG, Inkotomi,, Triton Network, and more.


Some of Alexander Hern’s professional accomplishments include taking a wide variety of companies in the making and nursing them through the difficult to navigate start up process. As co-founder and a board member to, Hern served on the board of this company from its inception through the IPO and on to the sale of the company just ten months later for $650 million. Inkotomi (INKT) which was also co-founded by Hern was later sold to Yahoo. Read more about Alex Hern at

Alex Hern’s current role as CEO for Tsunami VR began in 2016. Virtual reality headsets were initially popularized in gaming, but have grown to see uses for a wide variety of applications. For example, tsunami training in a way that demonstrates more real life conditions is now possible, as well as business meetings held in different parts of the world being able to show those back at the San Diego headquarters what the international venues truly look like. Great success is expected from the distinct developments being completed at Tsunami VR to guide VR into the widely applicable success that it can truly become. Learn more about Alex at

Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport is a private airport that is located in the Fagali Village on the Samoa Archipelagos. The airport is owned by Polynesian airlines and Samoa Air.

What makes the Fagali’I Airport so unusual is that its runway was once a grass-strip only. However, it was re-sealed in July 2002. The airport has also faced several controversies as it is located in the center of the village. Naturally, its population has complained about the constant noises a lot. There have also been some safety concerns as the airport runway is located just several feet across from several residential blocks. There have been some environmental concerns as well as the airport is still in a very grassy location.

However, in July 2009, the airport resumed services according to They now include two international flights to American Samoa, Savi’i, and Pago Pago. Since that re-opening, Polynesian Airlines has acquired a third DHC Twin Otter in case services to Inter-Island Airways should be stopped.

The Fagali’I Airport does have its own money exchange office, however, their hours are not predictable. Hence, it’s recommended for clients to do that at the main airport in Faleolo. Still, any clients who don’t get their money exchanged at either airport can ask their taxi drivers to take them to the nearest ATM. The Village’s ATMs take debit cards from any country.


Airport Clients

It is recommended that clients familiarize themselves with the airport’s baggage and check-in policies ahead of time. In order avoid hassles, clients are recommended to arrive at the airport two hours early for a local flight and three hours early for an international flight according to Those who are at the Village on a business trip are recommended to fly with at at least one other co-worker and share a cab ride to the office with him or her.

International client will need to make sure that they have a valid passport with at least one blank page. However, those who plan to stay less than two months-or 60 days-are not required to have a tourist visa.

Most resorts and hotels are 20 minutes or less away from the airport.


Victoria Doramus Addicted and Homeless to Recovery Expert

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert based out of London. Her journey to success was filled with ups and downs in an attempt to fight a decades-long battle with addiction. Through the process, she had written a memoir about her addiction titled Adderall: A Love Story. She hit rock bottom at one point in her life, but the experiences she has made her stronger

For 15 years she fought with her toxic habits; succeeding and failing time and time again. At 26 she went to a rehab facility in Tuscon Arizona. It was her first time in rehab for cocaine and Adderall. She would relapse again five years later at age 31. This time ending up at Burning Tree in Austin Texas, a harsh love rehab facility with structure and accountability.

Burning Tree gave Victoria the structure and discipline she needed in her life at the time. It started with waking up at 5:45 am, followed by prayer and meditation. Next was chores ranging from scraping paint off fences to bathing dogs and mowing the lawn. Once they had accomplished their tasks during the day, they attended meetings. These meetings were a combination of AA, 12 step programs, peer confrontations and peer evaluations. It was a way of confronting the addict in the mirror and owning their behaviors over playing victim to their addictions.

After an extended stay at Burning Tree, Victoria Doramus went to live in a halfway house in Dallas. The requirements to stay included working 30-40 hours a week and attending meeting five days a week. After four months of waiting tables, Victoria was finally able to afford a plane ticket to see her mom. After the trip, she moved to New York to pursue work with nonprofits putting her knowledge to use. She now wishes to start her own halfway house in New York inspired by Burning Tree and its program. Click here to learn more about our consumer trends expert.

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Luis Carlos Trabuco, How His Leadership Earned Him Bradesco’s CEO Position

The past four years have seen Luiz Carlos Trabuco defy odds and tiptoe through the success ladder into heading one of the most successful banking and insurance companies in Brazil. Not even a Doctorate Degree in Psychology rather than the preferred Finance Degree would stand in his way. The respected opinion maker in Brazil would start within the operations department of the company but steadily rise to the managerial and executive roles before taking up the company’s reigns in 2009. How did his leadership skills lead him to succeed in this highly competitive career? Read this article about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Estadao.

Ability to mobilize staff

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s first directorial role was linked to heading the banker’s insurance division. During his stay there, he not only helped the insurer increase its contribution to Bradesco’s revenue pool but also expanded its operation. By the time he skipped over to Bradesco’s banking division, he had helped the insurer double its operations size, a fact that he attributes to positive staff mobilization techniques.

Deal execution

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s stay and leadership within Bradesco has been marked by a raft of acquisitions, all of which proved vital to Bradesco’s continuity. At one time, Banco de Bradesco was the biggest privately held financial group in Brazil regarding both customer subscription and asset base. This dominance would, however, come to the test in the first decade of the millennium.

Key mergers and acquisitions in the industry saw the giant finance company fall off the number one list in all areas. It would take Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s intervention that meant acquiring numerous small companies. This move helped them to find their footing again and enabled the company to thrive. Visit to know more about Luis Carlos Trabuco.

Forecasting ability

The experience gained over the forty years of active involvement in the financing sector didn’t just earn a Chief Executive Officer’s position. It also helped Luiz Carlos Trabuco horn his forecast skills, a fact that has earned him respect and the confidence of the country. He is, therefore, considered an economic influencer and his commentaries on different financial matters are taken seriously across the country. The trust bestowed on him by the public then reflects on the company’s success and market share.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a prominent and one of the most distinguished surgeons in Dallas, Texas. He is a plastic surgeon constituting of cosmetic procedures focusing mostly on face lifts, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, breast lifts and breast augmentations. He currently practices at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and Pine Creek Medical Center.

Dr. Jejurikar completed his residency in plastic surgery at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers and received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. He has been practicing his craft for more than 11 years and continues to stay relevant in his field with numerous publications and presentations concerning all areas of medicine. He is licensed to practice medicine in Michigan and Texas.

In 2012, He won one of the most coveted awards, Compassionate Doctor Certification. Doctors are rated and voted by their patients. Out of nearly one million doctors, approximately 3 percent were awarded this prestigious award.

Dr. Jejurikar’s plastic surgery office uses the latest in science and technology. Using 3-D imaging it allows you to see the changes in front of you and create your new look. He offers his own line of products to help with skin care as well for additional treatment.

With his considerable amount of experience, he is able to help and guide his patients decide on what route would suit them the best for their best appearance. His compassion, bedside manner and overall understanding of the field makes him one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in the country.