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Exclusive Interview with Fast Company Reveals How EOS Became Top Competitors in the Lip Balm Market

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, co-founders of the lip balm company Evolution of Smooth (or EOS) have revealed information about the strategy that sent them to the top of their game in just seven years. Previously, very little had been known about the strategy used by EOS to become such fierce competitors in their market.

It started with an idea. Co-founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky, decided to shake up a century-old, essentially unchanged market. For about 100 years, lip balm has been packaged and marketed in the familiar little tubes, such as the ones used by brands like Chapstick or Blistex.

The partners knew the market was ripe for a shake-up, but the idea had to have longevity. Their new product could not be gimmicky.

Enter the iconic EOS lip balm containers. These egg-shaped, playfully colored containers were a key step in becoming major players in the lip balm industry.

A second key piece of their strategy evolved as well. Lip balm is typically a fairly unisex product and is marketed as such; however, the people who buy the most lip balm are women. Knowing these, EOS crafted a demographic for themselves: millennial women.

The company has also built up a strong online presence as part of their on-going success strategy and reaches out to Ulta bloggers, YouTubers, and others to help promote their products.

Since their products have hit Walmart shelves, EOS has become a $250 million company. Second only to Burt’s Bees, the company moves 1 million units per week and is slated to become a $2 billion by 2020.

For more information about EOS journey to success, read Fast Company’s interview here.

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Jennifer Walden Makes The Move Back Home After Years In NY

Most children dream of the day they can graduate high school and go off to college. They are all looking forward to being out on their own. If you were to ask a college student or your adult what they would love to do at that moment they may stop and say move back home.

None of them stop to think about the nights they may be alone studying in their room. They never really stop to think that one day they may desire to return home like Jennifer Walden did.


Jennifer Walden is both a surgeon and a writer. She began her life in the Austin Texas area. After completing college and receiving her medical degree from the University of Texas, she took a job in New York. Her new job would keep her working with another doctor in the area of ear, nose and throat surgeries. Jennifer worked for a few years and began to become homesick. She thought about her own childhood after she gave birth to twin boys. She wanted her boys to have the same Texas experience that she did. They would be close to her family and close to the same influences she had growing up.


After coming back to Texas, Jennifer opened her own Satelite office. She became one of the best beauty surgeons in America. She won several awards such as the American Women’s Association award and the American Society of Plastic Surgery award. Jennifer made a large name for herself when she began making appearances on television and talk shows. She helps others understand the importance of cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery.


Jennifer Walden is responsible for helping many men and women with their appearance. She works with Botox and Laser to help remove the wrinkles from a woman’s face. She helps explain invasive and minimally invasive procedures to people about ready to have them. Jennifer is a single parent making her mark in the world. She hopes to help her twin boys to make their own marks by giving them the same opportunities she had. Jennifer hopes her move back to Texas was the best move in her life.


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Seattle Genetics Continues to Shake up the Cancer Research Community

Once again cancer drug company Seattle Genetics is the topic of conversation. The trailblazing company continues to show why the Puget Sound area in the state of Washington, is one of the leading cancer research communities in the United States. Seattle Genetics has had a meteoric rise since it was founded and currently shows no signs of stopping its incline anytime soon.

Seattle Genetics is in the process of expanding the use of its drug Adcetris, and broaden its drug pipeline with new drugs. Because Adcetris is Seattle Genetics first commercialized drug, it really putting it out there to the masses.

Ambitious moves like these can cause a company to seemingly bust at the seems. Knowing this the cancer company has already started up another hiring spree to compensate for its growth.

Company CEO Clay Siegall claims that the company is putting their drug Adcetris in as many cancer treatment scenarios as possible. According to Siegall the drug has already been tested in dozens of trials against different types of lymphomas. Siegall also claims that the company has very high hopes for the drug moving forward, but in reality the company’s still executing the early stages of its end goal.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, as well as the company’s President and member of the Board of Directors. Under the guidance of Siegall, the cancer company has made a huge impact in the cancer research community in a relatively short amount of time. He was a major component of the company securing of hundreds of millions of dollars through public and private financing.

Securus Technologies Introduces Investigator Pro 4.0

Investigator Pro 4.0 is the latest software developed by Securus Technologies to aid in reducing criminal activities at the correctional facilities. The software helps in identifying and investigating the conversation between an inmate and the other parties using voice recognition technology. Investigator Pro 4.0 uses a sample voice to investigate suspicious telephone conversations through its telephone records. It will help investigators in uncovering criminal activities based on the recorded voice data and send a notification to the facility’s management.


The Investigator Pro 4.0 aids in preventing crimes by alerting investigators of suspicious conversations in advance. With Investigator Pro 4.0, investigators can now record and listen to inmates conversations without their knowledge. Furthermore, the program aids in determining if inmates have contact with the incarcerated or released inmates. Such information will help investigators to know when inmates are in touch with their conspirators in the outside world and put them behind bars as soon as possible. Moreover, this feature can be combined with several other technologies and made into a powerful tool that can avert criminal activities at the correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technologically advanced equipment and gadgets to the Criminal and Civil Department to enhance public safety. The company is dedicated to providing secure and safe solutions to diverse, complex challenges often faced by the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies specializes in providing inmate self-service, public information, communication, biometric analysis, monitoring services and products to enhance safety. Securus Technologies’ personnel are committed to bringing the latest technology and expertise to provide solutions to challenges faced by law enforcement and correction agencies serving over a million inmates throughout North America.

Sweetgreen- The Discipline, The Vision, and The Tech

In an interview with Bloomberg Reserve Editor, Peter Elliot (2015), Sweegreen’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Nicolas Jammet, discusses the discipline of his fellow partners, the vision of Sweetgreen, and the role that technology plays into the company’s success. Jammet and his partners are disciplined entrepreneurs who are focused on establishing some codes of values that would ignite the flourishment of Sweetgreen, such as the convenience of its technology, the quality of its food, the customer service, the way people interact in its stores, and how they manage all their stores’ infrastructures. They are constantly experimenting with innovative combinations to make their brand not only desirable and unique, but a healthy and nutritious choice. They want their brand to be marketed, sold, and envisioned as a lifestyle of health and sustainability. Technology augments their company’s productivity. According to Nathaniel Ru, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen, technology keeps him and his partners tethered to their company, especially as they travel abroad. Technology enhances the efficiency of Sweetgreen, and it connects the gap between convenience and health.

Nathaniel Ru is an American entrepreneur, businessman and investor. He serves as the Co-CEO and Director of Sweetgreen, an American fast casual restaurant chain that serves simple, seasonal, healthy food. Nathaniel Ru was born and raised in Pasadena, California. In 2007, Ru graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. While in school, Ru met and became close friends with fellow Sweetgreen Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. In 2007, upon his graduation from college, Nathaniel Ru and his partners launched Sweetgreen, opening their first restaurant in Georgetown, Washington D.C. The concept of starting a business was originally based on Nathaniel Ru’s insight that healthy eating choices in the community were scarce and limited, and that it needed a healthy and delicate dining option. In 2010, Nathaniel Ru and his partners launched Sweetlife, the largest music and food festival on the East Coast. Ru is also an advisor with StartupHoyas, an entrepreneurship initiative at Georgetown University, which encourages students to seek out and develop plans for establishing their own companies in the future. Nathaniel Ru has been recognized as a pioneer and key innovator in food and business. He has appeared in numerous press accolades. He was named a “30 under 30: Food and Wine” by Forbes and a “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under” by Wine Magazine.

Lip Balm Is The Savior Of People Who Work Outside

Lip balm is the savior of anyone who has a job where they have to work outside. They are stuck outside because they have a lot of work to do, and there is no way they will be able to make their lips better if they are not using something that was made for their lips. Evolution of Smooth is a brilliant product that anyone can use, and it will become the only things that people will want to use when they are getting ready for the day. Lip balm is very functional, and it can be used pretty easily when someone is outside and their lips get dry.
There are many ways to use lip balm when someone is outside working, and they should keep it with them all the time so that it is easy to use, and they should consider how easy it will be to apply it. They can put it on right away, and they can get back to work without a problem. There are many people who need to use these lip balms so that they can get through a whole day, and they also need to recommend it to the people they work with because those people will want to have them, too.

Lip balm can help keep a work crew going all day, and the lip balm will make it easy for everyone to be on the same page. Being on the same page is something that a lot of people miss out on, and it causes the work crew to be inefficient. They are all trying to dealing with their parched lips, and they cannot do any real work. That is why it makes sense to ask these people to carry lip balm. Evolution of Smooth can make any lips feel much smoother and healthier. Check out their awesome collections online at and



Adam Goldenberg Has The Answer to A Seemingly Impossible Question

How does a kid start a small gaming bulletin board, turn it into one of the hottest brands online, sell it for a record profit and get himself a cozy job at a major online media holder which he then parlayed with his best friend into a new venture that has become the parent of some of the hottest names in fashion and beauty? Just ask Adam Goldenberg because that is more than a question, it’s the basis of his life and his success. It’s an equation that wouldn’t seem to add up, but somehow Adam has a knack for making the seemingly impossible happen.

Adam started The Gamer’s Alliance in 1997. It started as a simple bulletin board system that eventually evolved into a gamer advertising network on Youtube. In 1999 he sold the company for a substantial profit to Intermix Media and in the process, he not only found himself with a new job as one of the companies offers, the youngest person to ever hold such a position, but he also found the man who would become his best friend and his business partner, Don Ressler. The two men worked side by side building the brands of Intermix Media and the companies profile for a few years before Intermix was eventually bought out by Fox. The new management was not the kind that the two men saw themselves working for and they departed. In many cases this would have been the end of what was already a Cinderella style success story, but for Goldenberg and Ressler it was just the opportunity to change paths and start a new chapter.

That chapter started in Goldenberg’s Living room a couple of weeks later when the two along with a few friends, started to map out the concept of a new type of company. The idea of subscription-based retail was formed and the basis of what would eventually become Intelligent Beauty was born. The e-commerce brand incubator soon started to produce bands that were becoming recognizable over the world on From skin care to personal care, the idea of internet marketed beauty products was quickly received, but the guys knew that there was more to what they could offer the public and soon saw that the market was right for looking back on their subscription model concept.

Fashion was a rapidly growing market trend for the internet and it seemed to lend itself perfectly to the model that they had been developing. With the combination of the two and the addition of a well-known name Kate Hudson, the idea has now grown into one of the most successful internet companies today, JustFab. The firm provides a monthly shipment of stylish on and top quality affordable clothing that is tailored to the taste and lifestyles of the customer. Every month the consumer gets new and exciting things that add value and style to their wardrobe without having to really worry about the hassle of shopping in the traditional way.

JustFab has since grown the model to include sub-brands sub as FabKids, FabLetics, and FabShoes. The two believe that the subscription consumer model for automatic delivery of personalized, quality goods, is one that is a no-brainer in today’s new consumer market. Goldenberg points out that the success of the concept is not shown only in the actual revenue generated by JustFab, although that is significant, but also in the fact that so many other brands have bow companies the concept.

There is more to Goldenberg than just his success at JustFab however. He is a dedicated husband and passionate philanthropist. He and his spouse have given generously to many non-profits and have been the driving force behind more than a few fund raising campaigns for foundations through the southern California area, which they call home. Indeed, what seemed to start as an unfathomable question, an impossible equation, has proven to be the life of an incredible caring man, a successful business leader and more importantly a great guy who just wants to bring fun, fashion and health to the world. Source:

Michael Zomber: Books and Films About Japanese History


In the fall of 2009, Michael Zomber published two books about Japanese history. Shortly after the publications, he launched a podcast about them on the iUniverse website. His online interview covers all of the important topics of “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan” and “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai.” Both of these titles highlight Zomber’s interest in Asian history and traditions. More specifically, he is a big fan of the ancient samurai traditions that have been interwoven into Japanese society for generations. In fact, Michael Zomber holds a sizable collection of swords, armor and other weapons that once belonged to samurai fighters who served Japan’s powerful dynasties. It’s not surprising that he was invited to provide his insight on the History Channel’s Guns of the Orient. Despite the title, this show has a lot of content about samurai swords and other classic weapons.


Michael Zomber’s personal collection of antique weapons also includes some guns and rifles from the American Civil War and American Revolutionary War. He even owns a pistol that was perhaps fired by George Washington during some battles against British forces. Additionally, Zomber possesses some guns that belonged to Simon Bolivar, a prominent revolutionary leader in South America. For the most part, Zomber is only fascinated with antique firearms that are typically displayed in museums, galleries and historic sites. He is simply not a big fan of modern weapons that don’t have much aesthetic appeal or historic value. Michael Zomber emphasizes the spiritual aspect of samurai swords and other related accessories.


As a creative author and film producer, Michael Zomber is a truly skilled man who knows how to share his passion with the rest of the world. After opening his own film studio, he released the “Soul of the Samurai” with some help from a Buddhist leader in Los Angeles. As a guru on samurai traditions, Kensho Furuya gave Zomber plenty of reliable information for the production of this documentary. One of the most important topics in the “Soul of the Samurai” is Bushido, which refers to a traditional code of honor.

Norka Luque Tells Her Fans Never To Change Course

Norka Luque is one of the few musical artists who can tell her fans an inspirational story about the fight she had to undertake to reach the very top of the Latin music industry. The journey Norka took to reach the top of the music industry was not a conventional one for a Venezuelan born musician who had spent much of her early years learning piano and singing with the assistance of her extremely supportive parents; Norka felt her best opportunity for success would be found in leaving Venezuela and attempting to break into the European industry in France.

The difficult choices Norka had to take in leaving her family behind and embarking on a journey across the world has instilled in her the throughout that dreams can come true for almost everybody if the individual followers their heart. Norka has since given details of her life and the message she hopes to convey in various interviews and the songs she has released since her first hit, “Milagro”. The positive outlook on life Norka retained even when her musical career was not going to plan before her discovery by Emilio Estefan Jr. remains an important part of how she lives her life.

Over the course of her years in Europe, Norka Luque has revealed she was subjected to thoughts of giving up, but her decision to remain on the course she had set for herself has been backed up with her impressive career that continues in 2016 with the release of the “Tommorowland” single. Norka explained in 2012 the feeling of happiness she felt when her fans followed her message of staying on course and remaining positive when chasing a dream; inspiration is a word often used by Norka Luque when she discusses her career and the message she wishes to pass on to her fans.

During a number of interviews Norka Luque has revealed she feels a great responsibility towards her fans and wishes to make sure the music she provides keeps on pushing forward in changing the genre she works in. Not only this, but the need to retain hope that life can improve and life will keep moving forward is a major part of the work of Norka Luque.

Dr. Weisfogel and the Fight Against Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea has become a serious health condition over the past decade. This sleep disorder is many times linked to other medical disorders such as cardiovascular, diabetes and stroke. Around 90% of people who suffer from sleep apnea are unaware that they have this disorder.

It is important to increase awareness of this disorder. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the leader of a new cause to help bring diagnosis to those who may be suffering from this disorder. A company named Dental Sleep Masters revealed a new model that involves primary and secondary care doctors. This model allows for the best care for patients who are suffering from this disorder.

Sleep physicians and regular doctors team up with dentists and offer clinical support to those who are suffering. Dentists can play a huge role in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea.

There are many new devices entering the market to help improve the symptoms. THN sleep therapy is just one example of one of these new devices. THN sleep therapy is still in clinical trials but is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Likewise, treatments are becoming smaller and more user-friendly than ever before.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded a company called Dental Sleep Masters. He has a lot of experience treating sleep disorders. Before starting his company, he ran his own dental practice for 15 years. He received significant recognition from the community for his great work.

Dr. Weisfogel earned a BS from Rutgers in biology and psychology. He later went on to New York University College of Dentistry, where he earned his DDS.