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Remarkable Anti-Aging Contributions of Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand, West Orange, NJ Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, is the President of Health Aging Medical Centers. He earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. For his specialty, he has been certified by the Anti-aging Medical Board in Anti-Aging medicine. His contributions to the field are quite remarkable and help many people (Premiergazette).

Dr. Dov Rand helps patients who suffer with age related health issues that greatly impact the quality of their everyday life. With aging come many health related changes, many of which, are unpleasant at best. His patients may complain of symptoms including, but not limited to, erectile dysfunction, muscle atrophy, mental fogginess, as well as the many symptoms associated with menopause. Dr. Dov Rand’s expertise and dedication has been greatly beneficial to the aging men and women who have been treated by him.

Dr. Dov Rand has taken an approach to treating these age related issues with both an integrative and regenerative approach. In his research he found that the body possesses hormones that can work in ways that are more beneficial as we age and those that can begin to function in ways that can bring about negative effects. The hormone levels of DHEA, human growth hormone, thyroid hormone, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen can greatly decrease with age. Dr. Dov Rand has determined that by bringing these hormone levels back into the upper percentile of their optimal range, the patient’s health is greatly improved.

The way that Dr. Dov Rand accomplishes this is through the implementation of bioidentical hormones, cardiovascular exercises to increase lung capacity, and strength training to increase lean body mass and lower fat. The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet, developed by a British physician in 1954, is also implemented in the event that Dr. Dov Rand determines a patient has been unable to lose stubborn fat through a more balanced diet and exercise alone. Men may also receive andropause treatment, have male hormone optimization therapy, and participate in programs especially designed for men’s health and wellness. Dr. Dov Rand’s approach has been found to be safe and effective.


David McDonald Initiates Global Expansion at OSI Group

The global expansion of a company depends on the leadership skills of the managers. OSI Group, a leading global food provider that has been in the industry for decades has exponentially expanded its horizons into different countries and continents. The company has adopted this strategy with the sole intention of garnering vast resources.

Background Information

Additional reasons for the expansion of the company lie in attaining the objective of satisfying the needs of clients as, over the years, there has been a tremendous growing demand for meat-based products. As a private business, the company has managed to reach out to different client bases thanks to one David McDonald who serves as the president.

The Early Life of David McDonald

David McDonald was born and raised in the busy farms of Iowa. When he was of age, he attended the local public Iowa University and graduated with first class honors. After which, he earned the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Having majored in animal science, he garnered vast skills in agriculture. Therefore, he joined OSI Industries in Chicago and worked his way up the leadership ladder. At last, he was appointed the president and chief operating officer.

Contributing to Community Development

David McDonald joined OSI Industries with the sole intention of building a career and connecting his community with some of the best services the world can offer. Therefore, he majored in community development by involving himself in agriculture entrepreneurship where he initiated a project based on disseminating critical knowledge regarding the benefits of farming in our communities. The China-based project was an instrumental initiative made to grow the economy of the country as well.

Contribution to OSI’s development

Similarly, McDonald has been on the forefront of guiding OSI Group through the multiple global expansion projects it has had over the years. As the president of the firm, he has always had a grand vision for the company as he has made OSI Group a world-leading provider of meat and animal protein. Through his leadership skills and ability to incorporate various leadership strategies, he has managed to help OSI Group reach more than 17 countries in a short duration. Other than that, McDonald has initiated various community-based projects to oversee the development of the company.

The Overview

McDonald is a revered business leader who utilizes his wealth of knowledge in growing OSI Group’s client base. He has succeeded because of his tremendous support to the company and his belief of partnership.

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How thr Fagali’I Airport is Changing Flights

If you are thinking of traveling in the near future, you’re going to want to think about choosing the Fagali’I Airport. This amazing airport has been a trusted option for a lot of people in the past and has only grown since its inception a long time ago. In fact, there have been a lot of people interested in making use of this for themselves and knowing that this airport is the right choice for them. Once you have made this decision for yourself, you’ll find that flying is a whole lot more enjoyable because of the benefits that can be seen with the Fagali’I Airport.

The great thing about this option is that there are a lot of different people who are using this for themselves and finding it to be a great choice for their needs. There are a whole lot of people right now who are making use of this and knowing that they are choosing a great choice for their every need. Once you’ve done this, you’re going to find that it helps you out and gets you exactly what you need when traveling. This is why the Fagali’I Airport option is right for them and know that this is something that they are going to find to be quite beneficial in a lot of different ways.

There are a ton of reasons to give the Fagali’I Airport a try when you’ll be traveling. Not only does this airport have a variety of amenities and features, but it is going to be important for you when you are going to be booking a flight and know that this is something that is ideal for your every need. Once you have made use of this option for yourself, you’re going to want to take a look at this and see why it is as popular as it can help you with the most important travel options available to you. Now is a good time for you to make use of this for yourself and to see why this is something that is going to help you out.

The End Citizen United Raised Eleven Million Dollars To Make Sure

The End Citizen United is trying not to let billionaires take over the election voting. They have about seven board members who wants to stop the billionaires from taking over the United States election. These board member are native Americans who live in the United States since birth. The End Citizen United wants the billionaires to stop with the madness and learn that the United States should be using a great deal of money from the corporation who is spending it. They need to stop and focus on the people who is living in this beautiful land. This is the land of the free and they should keep providing for the natives who stay in this nation.

The End Citizen United mission is to end big corporations who are in politics and using the United States money for elections that are being funded by the states and federal. The United States spend tax payers money on elections when voting for the right person who is running for office. This should have been done the right way and this is not a competition on who is the richest. The End Citizens United wants to end it and keep our nation growing. I think that each politic group should come together to support the American dream.

End Citizen United raised eleven million dollars to make sure that democracy party will stay in the Untied States who the people have voted for. This movement started in March 2015. They want to keep the Democratic party in office. While the Republican is trying to get rid of the Democratic party. The End Citizen United wants all the people in the United States to make a minimum donations keep the party going. The End Citizen United wants each American to donate about five dollars to keep the Democratic party in the United States. They will spend about 38 million dollars for 2018.

James Bopp is the president of the End Citizen United. He is a lawyer who wanted to make a movie about the Hillary story but one of the judge said “No”. He compared the movie to the 60 minutes show. Which made a very unfair agreement on the subject of a powerful women who loves her country and had a husband who was our former president. James Bopp is a great lawyer who supports the Americans who live here in the United States.

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Milan Kordestani CEO And Founder Of Milan Farms

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Milan Farms is Milan Kordestani. He writes on the topics of politics, agriculture and mental health for the Huffington Post. He competes nationwide as a horseman and is excellent at it.

Kordestani lives in California Bay Area. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school in California. In 2017 Milan graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory High School in Atherton and is currently attending college. He grew up in Stanford, California, the place of his birth. Milan moved to London, England, with his family in 2009, after his parents were divorced. He attended Eaton Square School. Milan returned to the Bay Area in 2010.

At the age of 10, Milan Kordestani developed a love affair with horses and began riding them. While riding a horse on a trail, he was thrown off the horse. Being thrown off a runaway horse did not discourage Milan from riding horses. He got up and rode a horse back to the camp.

According to Betts Coup of The National Horseman, Milan Kordestani is a hard dedicated worker who has an effortless form and has a need to ride horses that are world-class.

After taking riding lessons in Atherton for just a short time, Milan Kordestani began competing with world champion horses. While riding his horse, Ch His Supreme Reflection, he was successful in winning the first leg of the triple crown.

Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farms during his second year as a sophomore in high school. His company specialized in poultry production, saffron, and eggs. He connected with many farms throughout the country. Milan was the first saffron farmer to increase the spice by putting the roots in the water on a microfiber sponge.

The goal of Milan Farms is to give consumers a genuine choice in the products they purchase. Milan Farms is devoted to being open and transparent in the way it raises its animals. The customer should know explicitly what they need when it comes to choosing what they buy. The customers are to be given an honest choice that is instantly available, telling them how the animal is raised.


OSI Industries Continues Aggressive European Expansion By Purchasing Flagship Europe

OSI Industries is a 109-year old American company that’s a world food industry leader when it comes to creating and distributing quality meat, dough and vegetable products. The company also has a great reputation for being able to design and implement excellent custom solutions for their clients all around the world. Founded as Otto & Sons family meat market in the Chicago, Illinois area, Sheldon Lavin took control of the company in the 1980s, changed its name to OSI Industries and transformed it into an international food industry giant through expansion and acquisition.

Today, OSI Industries has more than 70 food processing facilities in 17 countries in North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia. And the company continues to expand. OSI Industries is in the process of growing its customer base and production facilities in Europe. To do so they have acquired Flagship Europe, a food products company with its headquarters in the United Kingdom and customers in several European nations. OSI Industries has also purchased the Dutch owned company Baho Foods, which has processing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands and customers in 18 European countries.

To better serve its clients in Europe, OSI Industries has also enlarged its production facility in Toledo, Spain. The company is now able to have an output capacity in excess of 45,000 pounds of pork, chicken and beef products because of its recently installed new high capacity production line. This will help to better serve the growing number of OSI Industries customers in Europe. OSI Industries also has 10 food processing facilities in China and recently built facilities in India and the Philippines to make it possible to meet the demands of the millions of potential customers in Asia.

But even as OSI Industries continues to move forward with its global expansion activities, the Aurora, Illinois headquartered company is also making sure it has adequate production capacity in the United State. One action the leadership of OSI Industries has recently taken to increase its U.S. production capability was to purchase a conveniently located 200,000 square foot former Tyson Foods plant located on Chicago’s south side. OSI Industries also continues to provide private label brand meat and other foods for companies, supermarkets and restaurants throughout the United States.

CEO Sheldon Lavin, president and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald and the rest of the OSI Industries executive team continue to work to make the company grow.

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Talos Energy being Investigate for Employee Death while Rising to the Top

In February of 2018, it was announced by the federal government, that the Houston based energy company known as Talos Energy was being investigated due to the death of an oil and gas worker on one of its Gulf of Mexico platforms. The employee was said to have died when he was moving fire suppression equipment that was out-of-service while on the platform. The Interior Department Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement did state that there was no fire involved in the accident that caused the fatality, nor was there any emission release that could cause damage to the environment as a result of the accident.

The accident was said to have only involved one worker and that no other workers were injured or killed. So far it has only been reported that the worker was seriously injured and later died from the injuries sustained on the platform. It occurred on a platform that was approximately 65 miles south of the Texas-Louisiana border in the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos released a statement in February that stated, “This is a tragic event and we extend our deepest sympathies to the family, friends, and co-workers of our colleague.” Unfortunately for Talos, this incident occurred was the company was going public as becoming one of the fastest growing energy companies in the Gulf of Mexico field of energy companies. Talos became a game changing company in the energy field in the summer of 2017 when they won some offshore bids in Mexico’s energy reform process once foreign investors were allowed to bid. They were the first foreign energy company to win such bids as Mexico’s energy reforms are beginning to take place and deregulation is occurring. In 2016, Talos was fined $4 million for the violation of federal environmental laws and safety regulations.


The Chainsmokers, Open Eyes

The Chainsmokers have elaborately crafted their latest masterpiece known as Sick Boy, which explains the importance of not making being liked on Facebook important for the mental and emotional health of the individual on those platforms which is certainly almost everyone in the world. The Chainsmokers have a well developed fan base of about a few billion people as their views on Youtube indicate which goes to show that The Chainsmokers are not exempt from this predicament of fitting into an image that others place upon each other in an expectation that the person will act according to this image and unwarranted identity. They combat this situation as best they could by digging in deep through to their psyches to find the truth that they would want to express thru music to the world which communicates how the world is today in this generation of kids who grow up in their teens and wonder who they really are as they struggle with their identity. The Chainsmokers serve as a signal to those in their developing stages to not get sucked into the hype that surrounds being a popular character on Facebook because it is so trivial in reality plus it is also really nothing to consider life and death over. The positive message is owed to Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart as they trudge forwards as soldiers of the truth. In fact a lot of their fan base consist of people in high school or college and these are the times when identity is everything to the individual. Imagine the struggle and vulnerability that would do to a kid who is seduced with being liked on Facebook while digging down into their mind to find out who they truly were meant to become. This is the target audience of the Chainsmokers even though they elicited a massive following from a variety of age groups as well. Few bands take the time and effort required to make music so reflective that it becomes an almost existential experience for the listeners involved with their creative works of art that knows no bounds and keeps pushing to set new standards for both themselves and the music industry at large.

The comparison of David Zaliks and Sahm Adrangi

Greensky has changed the manner through which people access the loans through their mobile phones. In the globe, the use of cellphone has become common leading to users depending on the gadget to transact their daily transactions. Therefore to tap into the market of cellphone users, David Zaliks founded a company known as Greensky which connected the banks and consumers of their products. Thus through Greensky mobile app, it has become possible for the customers to borrow loan without necessary going to the bank halls and without paperwork. Currently, the company has enabled the bank’s institution to disburse more than $8 billion worth of loan. Greensky Company is valued at $3.6 billion which includes the Fifth Third Bancorp investors. David Zaliks, the founder of GreenSky, was math prodigy who attended college as well as founded the first company a PC assembler and refurbished at the tender age of 14. The Company has more than 1.2 million users across the globe.

The Chief Executive Officer who happens to be the founder has experienced numerous success in his professional career from a very young age. Zalik is considered as a math Whiz, and as a result, he bypassed high school and attended college at Auburn University just like Apple CEO Tim Cook. He followed in his father’s footsteps and studied mathematics as well as launched his first business dealing Micro Tech information systems while still a college freshman. During his time in college, he assembled PC and sold to other students and corporations as well as offering software solutions. Rather than starting the Green Sky, Zalik has ventured into the real-estate business where has also succeeded in breaking into the market. His success in initiating business as well succeeding in them is a result of pure dedication and the willingness to take risks. For instance, he initiated his financial company when the world was experiencing financial crises. After the company went under he was able to turn it around using the scarce resources he had. As a result of networking with like-minded individuals, the company was able to achieve a significant milestone in making GreenSky become one of the most successful mobile apps.

Upwork- To-Do List

Creating a to-do list is a great way to set out your tasks for the day, but, once you have it, getting through it may be another thing altogether. Instead of getting frustrated, use these tips to help you knock out every item on your list.

Write It All Down

This holds true, even if there are some things you’ll never forget. By writing it down, you can let your mind forget it and you’ll be less stressed. It’s on your list, so don’t worry about it. If you need help writing your list, consider hiring a writer from Upwork. They’re a freelancing site that connects professionals with those in need of services.

Get Your List Written Ahead of Time

If you prepare your list the night before, you won’t have to do it first thing in the morning. This will give you that extra time to get those tasks done earlier.

Take Advantage of Mobile Technology

Most people write their tasks down on scraps of paper, which are scattered around the office, the house, and even in the car. Instead, create one master list, using a note-taking app on your mobile phone. Since you always have your phone with you, that list will be at your fingertips anytime you need to edit it.

Time Your Tasks

By determining when you will start each task and approximately how long it will take, you can better plan out your day. This helps you see what you can really expect to get done in the day and helps you decide if some tasks will have to be put off to another day. By connecting with freelancers on Upwork, you may be able to complete your list more efficiently. Hiring an assistant has never been easier, especially with Upwork’s convenient payment options. Freelancers offer their services and submit proposals to do your tasks, allowing you to make a selection based on your own criteria. Or you can select someone you liked working with previously, eliminating the proposal process.

Prioritize Your List

No matter how fast you work, things will happen to eat up chunks of your time. Arrange your to-do list, so you’ll get the most important tasks done first. That way, if you do run out of time, you won’t be stressed about not getting something vital done.

Group Your Tasks Together

This means making all of your phone calls in one sitting or writing out reports all at once. Similarly, if the grocery store, bank, and post office are located in the same area, do those tasks all together. This saves on time and gas. Anything you can do to reduce the time your tasks take will help you get done sooner.

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