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Starting June 4th of 2018, Heather Russell, notable legal executive, will be joining the TransUnion team as the new Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Russell is joining the team directly from her work at Buckley Sandler, LLP, a prominent law firm with offices where Russell spent much of her time working at both the New York and Washington offices. Before her posting at this particular law firm, Russel help executive-level position at a couple very prominent banks. The first was the Fifth Third bank, currently the twelfth largest bank in the United States, where Russell was the Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Corporate Secretary. Later, Russell; spent time as the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel at New York Mellon, as well as founding and leading the bank’s Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, in charge of managing the bank’s relationships in almost 100 countries worldwide. Finally, Russell held both the position of Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel, providing lead counsel services for many of the divisions in the bank itself, including but not limited to Global Risk and Supervisory and Regulatory Relations.

One of Russell’s most prevalent values is education. Having studied at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. While there, she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and English. She then went on to American University’s Washington College of Law in Washington, DC, where she received her law degree. Russell graduated cum laude wither her Juris Doctor, and being known as a standout student of law. Russell served as the senior editor of the school’s paper, the Law Review, and was awarded the honor of being named “Most Outstanding Graduate.” Russell even served as an adjunct professor at Boston University’s School of Law, where she taught classes in fintech, computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services and the future of banking.

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Juan “OG” Perez Gets Blowout Birthday Party

Juan “OG” Perez has proven himself to be a great friend of Jay-Z. These partners have been friends for a long time. Perez even has a wife that is connected to Jay-Z with the music streaming and the Roc Nation business ventures. Jay-Z would spare no expense when it came to doing things up for this long time friend.

It was only a party of 5, but Jay-Z would easily find himself spending over 100,000 for things like 40 bottles of champagne and a lavish dinner. This is the true sign of a wealthy man. Juan “OG” Perez has been part of the Jay-Z circle for a long time, but few people may have known just how close these two were. It appears that Jay-Z was really out to show his long time friend a good time. There are tons of celebrities talk about money and how they spend it, but it is evident that Jay-Z is someone that is doing much more than just talking. He is actually putting in time to help his friends enjoy. He is not just keeping all the wealth to himself.

Juan “OG” Perez has been mentioned in Jay-Z songs. His wife has been part of the Jay-Z circle of influence. There are some huge ties here so it helps to have someone like “OG” Juan in place because he work behind the scenes. This is where Perez comes into the picture. He may not be someone that is well known on the front line, but Juan is clearly doing some very important work behind the scenes. This is why Jay-Z doesn’t mind spending. This is why he could spend 100,000 on a party with 5 people for a close friend and not give it a second thought. Juan and Jay have strong ties.

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Mina Ebrahimi and her buttercream recipe

Not everyday you could expect to be swamped with work and that’s always true for almost any business. And Mina Ebrahimi’s catering business isn’t an exception. She says that this is one of the most valuable times of the year which gives her a sneak peek into what is not working efficiently and what newer changes that could be brought to the business. In one of her spare moments, she reflected on how their cupcake recipes could be made more perfect. She is a great fan of American style buttercream icing and while it could be too sweet to some, she provides some of her secret tips to get the best American style buttercream.

  • She advises us on starting off with a slightly chilled form or butter as it is likely to help the buttercream to hold its shape. Two sticks of butter could be a great start.
  • Try to use combinations of an unsalted and salted form of butter as the latter is known to make the buttercream more balanced.
  • Make sure to use a quarter of a cup of shortening as it helps stabilize the buttercream especially if you live in a humid state.
  • Check to see if you could cream the shortening and butter together and whip it for a couple of minutes. This would make sure that the buttercream does not get waxy or greasy.
  • Then add powdered sugar portions and when all of the sugar is added, it is likely to look like a dough.
  • Next step is to add 2-3 tablespoons of heavy cream as the fat content in it helps to add a creamy flavor to the buttercream.
  • Next step is to add a couple teaspoons of extract. You could use any extract you wish even though vanilla extract is the most common one.
  • After this, try to beat the buttercream in the mixer for about 5-6 minutes until its fluffy and delicious.

Even though she is a business owner, Mina Ebrahimi has never lost passion for cooking and this drive helps her to come up with new and creative recipes.

The Investment of Jed McCaleb in Technology

Jed McCaleb is the CTO and co-founder of the Stellar organization, where he is leading technology development to enhance consumer experience in currency exchange services. For a long time, he has been a businessman and a leader playing vital roles in the business sector. Jed McCaleb spends the better part of his time in strategizing overall plans; due to the fact that he loves using his time wisely on what is necessarily putting the focus on.

His Venture in Stellar

Mr. Jed McCaleb started Stellar in an effort of finding the great assets that customers would be interested to pay money for. The venture tries to create financial networks whereby customers can exchange, trade and increase their perspective to the access of better opportunities online. Jed McCaleb’s background is in Technical Programming, exceptionally coding, and with the background, would be able to find a huge space that needed fixing in the financial network. He managed to solve the issue by introducing Stellar together with his co-founder, Joyce Kim. During their time together, they organized and built Stellar Development Foundation, which focuses on being a universal financial network that can be used by anyone.

Most of Stellar’s foundations come from the non-profit groups of the stellar organization that helps in educating people about financial literacy to increase the leads. In an interview with Idea Mensch, Jed McCaleb revealed that every seed that built Stellar came from the realizations of the technology guru through the use of Bitcoin.

Technology background

Jed McCaleb believes in leveraging technology in the sense of reducing inefficiency to improve the condition of the human. He introduced eDonkey, one among the networks for file sharing, in addition, Jed McCaleb went on to create Mt. GOX, which was the only Bitcoin exchange network during that time. He later introduced another big bang in 2011, Ripple. In Recognizing that the financial infrastructure of the world is broken, and many people are without resources, he organized Stellar Development Foundation in 2014. Jed McCaleb is also a MIRI advisor. MIRI does research on Artificial Intelligence for Positive Impact.

Dr. Saad Saad: A Life Well Lived

There is an article, “Dr. Saad Saad: Global Life & Career”, on that highlights an exceptional member of the medical community, Dr. Saad Saad. This Dr. is exceptional for so many reasons. He overcame a lot of adversity, as one of eight children in his home, to become a board-certified pediatric surgeon. He is fluent in both Arabic and English, making him a very desirable professional. While he did work hard, it is worth noting that his entire family is high-performing, with all of his siblings obtaining postgraduate degrees. It seems that a standard of quality was always required within his family.


One of the highlights of Dr. Saad Saad’s career is his time in Riyadh where he worked for the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. This hospital was directly responsible for treating members of the Saudi Arabian royal family, a family that handpicked Dr. Saad Saad to treat them. He was expected to perform simple duties, but also some of the most complex surgeries that he will ever see in his entire career. He remains exceptional to this day, but this was a very important time in his career. He started his family there and became a valuable member of the community.


One of the best things about this position was that even though he was expected to treat royal family members, he was also given the chance to treat the poor as well. He saw something about his former life in these children and he wanted to give them the opportunities that he was given, the opportunity to try. He believed that if these children were given another opportunity at life, they would have a chance to do the things that matter to them. Early on in his career, he had a mentor that went above and beyond to teach him the lesson that everyone matters, regardless of where they come from. He carries that to this day and it makes him a very loving and caring professional to his patients.


Dr. Saad Saad had his own family, two of which went on to become surgeons, one became a lawyer, and one is an excellent ICU nurse. All of these children went into the world with the same respect for their patients and are instrumental in their care. He believes that the global experience that his children had growing up made them well-suited for a time in the medical community because they had experience with many different members of society. He was also able to form lifelong friendships with people all over the world. This is made his life richer and his family more diverse. To this day he still values that experience and is practicing in the United States as a pediatric surgeon to this day. Learn more:

Bruno Fagali Is An Experienced And Reliable Attorney

Are you going through a disagreement or dispute with a business partner? Dealing with a breach of contract or other tough legal matter? Perhaps you’re wondering how to get a highly experienced and reputable lawyer to handle the situation for you.

Bruno Fagali is a renowned attorney and Regulatory Law expert. Bruno Fagali also advises and represents entrepreneurs and organizations on issues related to Urban Law and Administrative Law. He can also address matters pertaining to Ethics and Compliance.

If you want to find the best lawyer for your legal problem, it is extremely important that you do your research. With so many lawyers out there offering to represent or advise you on personal or business issues, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. That’s why many people look for someone who is well known for getting excellent results for clients.

In Brazil, businesses and organizations rely on Bruno Fagali for effective legal representation and guidance. Dealing with a legal issue can be stressful and you want to be sure that your lawyer is well versed in the type of situation you’re going through.

Years of experience in the field can give lawyers great perspective and insight on a wide variety of legal issues. When a legal problem occurs, you may be feeling angry, frustrated, or stressful. When you have an attorney working for you who has vast experience, they can advise you on how to make the right decisions and obtain the best possible outcome in your situation.

Working with the law can be extremely frustrating and confusing, especially if you don’t have a good understanding of the process or jargon. A knowledgeable lawyer like Bruno Fagali can help you navigate the legal process.

When your hire a lawyer you’re turning all of legal issues over to an expert. It is a good idea to enlist the services of a trained professional, for all of your legal problems. And when your lawyer is experienced, they can guide you and ensure that you know how things work in the legal system. You will feel confident that your case will be handle properly.

HCR Wealth Advisors Gives Advice on Economic Growth

The saying goes that hindsight is 20/20, which means people always find a way to learn from their past mistakes. This is so they do not repeat them in the future. A good example of this phenomenon is the Great Depression rolling into full swing during the 1930s. Experts boil this turn of events down to a trade war. It does not matter what or who is to blame for the struggles that effected the United States masses. What remains important for investors to understand is knowing who they can trust to give them the advice they need to navigate troubling market trends.

HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, is made up of experienced and professional groups of experts who make it their practice to serve clients through education and information. This business model proves most useful in times when economic waters get muddied due to political ideology. The structure of supply, demand, and progress still run the show when it comes to how individuals and businesses achieve upward mobility. Even still, recognizing the subtle nuances in trade and commerce can make all the difference between knowing which ventures are set to sink or sail.

HCR Wealth Advisors has a team full of CFPs (Certified Financial Planner) and CFAs (Certified Financial Advisor) from the CEO to Associate members. These independent and highly-trained professionals place security and client welfare above all else. This vision and mission statement makes the consultation provided by the firm trustworthy to all of its clientele.

The one thing that any and every investor can do without is doubting their investments. That is why HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) designs its solutions around client needs through a multi-step process. It starts with a full assessment and projection of goals and does not stop until plans perform with optimum effectiveness. These services cover everything from the management of marriage arrangements to retirement, and it includes being in the know regarding matters such as inheritance to the selling of a business. The good people who represent HCR Wealth Advisors are definitely worth looking into.

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Top Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a leading executive in the finance industry who currently serves as one of the top executives of the financial services firm Fortress Investment Group. Over the course of his career, Peter Briger has built a reputation as being a top leader who is committed to excellence in field of finance. One of his most notable experiences is when he worked at Goldman Sachs. He spent 15 years at the firm where he served as a partner for a number of years. At this firm he would lead the firms expansion into the Asian markets.

When Peter worked at Goldman Sachs, he would have a very significant role in managing the firm’s international operations. While working at Goldman Sachs, Peter spent his time focusing on managing the Firm’s involvement in Asian markets. In order to effectively manage the Asian market, Peter Briger served on a number of committees. This allowed him to provide his knowledge and expertise in the Asian markets and help the firm increase its influence on the region. By serving on these committees, Briger would specialize in helping Goldman Sachs invest in distressed securities and fixed income securities. Peter would eventually reach the position of firm partner where he would occupy a top level managerial role with the firm.

After working at Goldman Sachs for 15 years, Peter Briger would then join a new company known as Fortress Investment Group. Eventually, Peter would become the firm’s Principal and Co Chairman of the Board of Directors. While he started working at the office location in New York City, he currently works at its San Francisco office. While working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter has been a member of the Management Committee since the year 2002. As of today, Peter oversees the Fortress Credit business where he manages a team of over 300 professionals. The focus of this team is undervalued assets and distressed credit investment securities.

In his spare time, Peter participates in a number of community activities. He has served as a board member of the Princeton University Investment Club. Briger has also spent time making contributions towards preserving areas such as Central Park in New York City. Along with making contributions for investment clubs and local sites, Peter has also helped a number of low income families improve their quality of life. He has helped a number of them find and get housing that they are able to afford. Therefore, Peter has been able to make a positive impact on his local community as well as being a top financial industry executive.

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David McDonald’s Contributions to the Growth of OSI Group

As a young man coming of age in the farm fields of Iowa, David McDonald, the current president of OSI Group started developing an interest in matters agriculture. As he continued to work, his love for agriculture grew stronger and with it came the aspiration to one day improve operations in the sector. His parents noticed his passion and even though they were not as wealthy ensured he got a decent education. David McDonald is an alumnus of Iowa State University from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

After finishing his course and graduating, David McDonald was lucky to get an employment opportunity at OSI Industries. Through integrity, hard work, and commitment, David has come up through the leadership ranks of the conglomerate to finally becoming its president and chief operating officer. His extraordinary achievements and exceptional guidance in the corporate giant has seen him earn the Wallace E. Baron Outstanding Senior Award. David is among the most respected personalities in the meat industry.

OSI Group is among the world’s top suppliers and distributors of value-added protein products such as sandwiches, beef patties, sausage links, and pizza. The corporation has more than 50 operational plants in over 17 nations including in China where OSI operates eight processing plants. According to David McDonald, OSI Group has the potential of becoming the leading processor and supplier of poultry meat in China as well as in Asia.

Apart from the corporates endeavors in China, David McDonald has over the years led the corporation in many other profitable projects. In 2012, David led the company in major significant projects including opening top-class feed mill, expanding the beef processing factory in Poland, and constructing a new processing facility in India. The modern feed mill is in Shandong province and now processes over 600,000 metric tons per year.

In its plans to take over the European market, OSI Group purchased Baho Foods, a renowned manufacturer of deli meats, convenience foods, and snacks based in the Netherlands. David McDonald believes that the acquisition is of great value as it complements the already existing product portfolio of OSI Group.

Apart from his work at OSI Group, David McDonald is an avid humanitarian and philanthropists. At his Alma Mater, he frequently donates to his fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho. He was among the first people to give funds towards building the Iowa State AGR house. David is an active member of the St. Michael parish and is the board chairman of the American Meat Institute.

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Medical Aesthetics & Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Winning Solution

On a physical level, most people tend have at least one body part that they wish they could change. Unlike in the decades of the past era, modern-day best cosmetic surgery is far more equipped to turn an idea like that into a reality. At the exclusive Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, the options are nearly endless. This facility was founded by Jennifer Walden, and she has worked her magic to turn it into a mega success. Jennifer Walden, M.D., has the brains and the beauty to sell her services to individuals who are seeking high quality cosmetic work. She is very in-tuned with all of her patients’ needs, and she is very confident in her capabilities. Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center uses high-tech equipment like laser machines, Vectra 3-D imaging technology and ThermiVa radiofrequency treatments. The services included are:

• Labiaplasty

• Rhinoplasty

• Laser Hair Removal

• Botox

• Vaginoplasty

• Liposuction

• Fat Grafting

• Breast Reduction

• Chemical Peel

• And numerous others

Being a board certified surgeon can be very demanding at times, but Dr. Walden certainly has the perseverance to deliver on all promises. She has conducted tremendous amounts of research clinical trials for Silicone-breast implants, and she worked under the tutelage of the industry’s best professionals. Here’s a quick look at her resume below.

• Holds A Medical Doctorate

• Earned Her Fellowship From The Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital

• Attained A B.A. In Biology

• Was Honored With The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence In Medicine Award

• Is the Co-Author For A Best-Selling Book

• And more

Dr. Jennifer Walden is truly an American icon, and her best work is yet to come.

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